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Ambient/Electronic/New Agey musician formerly of Tangerine Dream. He performed on their studio and soundtrack albums from 1971 to 1992, branching out into a solo career in 1991 with Pacific Coast Highway. He also started his own label, Sonic Images, at http://www.sonicimages.com.

He is currently best known for his work on Babylon 5, assisted by the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra. Franke replaced The Police's Stewart Copeland, who did a more mechanical, cold-sounding score for the pilot, beginning with the first episode of the series. (Franke later re-scored the reedited version of the pilot aired on TNT.) He was responsible for the music for every Babylon 5 project except A Call to Arms, the movie that launched Crusade. (Evan Chen picked up the baton for ACtA and Crusade; Sonic Images carries Chen's soundtrack.)

To my horror, I also learned that he is also responsible for the 18 Wheels of Justice soundtrack. Words fail me.

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