The Pomodoro FAQ

An unwanted FAQ quoting from many online sources, abridged beyond the point of usefulness, biased towards the young up-and-comers and the kinds of works they do, mostly sitting in front of a keyboard and monitor.

There’s lots of Qs here, feel free to skip to the one you like best.

Have any Qs needing As? Is there a FQ for which you have the A? Feel free to send them to yours truly and I’ll do my best to incorporate them into this document.

Also, this FAQ is marked perpetually as “Work-in-progress”

What is the Pomodoro Technique?
A way of tracking time dedicated to a project;
A way of dividing time for whatever task is at hand;
A nice buzzword for selling apps that are essentially glorified alarm clocks;
A gateway drug into the world of time tracking and task management for personal purposes with a non-negligible risk of contagion to inter-personal tasks;
Why is the Pomodoro Technique?
Because people is lazy;
Because people get distracted at the smallest—
Because sometimes it would be good to know how much a project will take and that can only be achieved through estimation from data from the past (or perfect clairvoyance);
Because sometimes it’s nice to see how much a thing you want to do actually takes;
Because some people are getting into the world of time tracking and want a simple tool that essentially only needs the anachronistic timekepping device usually attached to one’s wrist;
Because some people want to sell apps that are essentially glorified alarm clocks;
When is the Pomodoro Technique?
Pomodoros themselves were invented by God, but if I knew exactly when I wouldn’t be here, but taking designer drugs out of a buxom lady's curviest parts.
Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t invented by Peter Pomodoro because he had a defective clock. It was invented sometime before the Internet was a thing by Francesco Cirillo.
Where is the Pomodoro Technique?
Sometimes you don’t need to use all W’s you learned in journalism school;
How is the Pomodoro Technique?
Doin’ fine, thank you very much;
Basic structure is: {Work, then short rest} times four. After the fourth time, you take a long rest.
The above is supposed to be a single, indivisible thing. Interruptions are, according to Mr. Cirillo, best delayed or consider the Pomodoro interrupted. See ‘What is the INSC strategy for distractions?’
What is a standard Pomodoro?
25 minutes of work, then 5 minutes of rest; that’s a set. Every four sets you take a longer rest (15–30 minutes)
Whatever your heart tells you. Listen to your heart.
This author behaves more in a 15+5 minute set for 6 sets between long rests.
What is the INSC strategy for distractions?
Inform that you’re in the middle of something. This author finds that having his hand down his pants seems to improve the effect.
Negotiate getting back after you’re done and clean.
Schedule a follow up. Learn to use your non-dominant hand for writing down the time and place of the future meeting.
Call back after you’re done. According to my boss it’s not needed to announce that your previous business is finished.
Can I mix and match?
Oh, I thought we were discussing alcohol. Then yes. I guess.
What about Kaizen?
Not incompatible, I think.
What about Scrum?
Not incompatible, I think.
What about Getting Things Done/GTD?
You’re not getting it, are you?
Does the Pomodoro Technique work?
Yes (direct your web browser to and search for yourself)
No (Fan 2020; Varoy 2020; TheBlindBookLover et al. 2020; Inspiring Leadership Now 2019; GrowthMagnified 2019; Macmillan 2020; Kiander 2020)
Comical third option
Other (please specify)
Did you know that pomodoro is also Italian for “tomato?”
What a facking coincidence
Are you going to discuss anything regarding Solanum lycopersicum?
Sliced with salt and pepper is amazing on its own.
Basic Pico de Gallo salsa is: diced tomato, diced onion, diced serrano pepper. If you have them, also add chopped cilantro, a squeeze of lime juice and finely crushed garlic.
It belongs in sandwiches just below the top bread slathered in mayo.
It is a crucial ingredient for BLT sandwiches, but if you need to look that up, means you’re also why shampoo comes with instructions.
Stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, into a casserole dish and into the oven.
Despite what years of cartoons have taught you, it is not recommended to throw them at poorly performing artists on stage: they aren’t aerodynamic and tend to fly poorly when ripe. Try cabbages instead.
Amazingly, also an integral part of the Tomatina festival.

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