A college prank at the University of Arkansas almost perpetrated during the Spring 1997 semester, and indeed, is still spoken of in hushed tones in the hallways of Yocum Hall. The gentleman living next door to one of my friends proposed a wager of 5 US dollars that he(my friend) couldn't fill his room up with water. Of course, this is the type of bet that one cannot refuse.

We purchased large amounts of Visqueen and duct tape and went to work, carefully coating the lower part of the walls and floor with several layers of plastic. Unfortunately, we were ratted out before our magnum opus could be culminated. Still though, I think it was a good idea, and was probably better than the fill-the-washers-with-detergent-turn-them-on-and-run-like-hell idea.

See also J. William Fulbright Peace Fountain

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