magnum opus n.

  1. A great work, especially a literary or artistic masterpiece.
  2. The greatest single work of an artist, a writer, or a composer.

{Latin: magnum, neuter of magnus, great + opus, work.}

Song by Kansas, found on the Leftoverture album. Written by Kerry Livgren, Steve Walsh, Rich Williams, Dave Hope, Phil Ehart, and Robby Steinhardt (basically the entire Kansas crew). The only lyrics are found in part b, "Howling at the Moon".

a. Father adilla Meets the Perfect Gnat
b. Howling at the Moon
This foolish game, oh it's still the same
The notes go dancin' off in the air
And don't you believe it's ture, the music is all for you
It's really all we've got to share
'Cause Rockin' and Rollin', it's only howlin' at the Moon.
It's only howlin' at the Moon.
c. Man Overboard
d. Industry on Parade
e. Release the Beavers
f. Gnat Attack

© 1976 Don Kirshner Music, Inc. (BMI)

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