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A book accredited to Li Yu, though he denies writing it. Written in the Ming Dynasty of China, it was banned for a long time because it was so sexually explicit. The original published date was 1634 to be exact.

Brief Synopsis:

The main character is a scholar named Before Midnight Scholar (literal translation of his name, word by word). The book begins with him being extremely horny and through many ways, finally procures a beautiful wife. She is sexually cold, until he finally ignites her sexual fire with some good ole pornography.

One day, while comparing his schlong with some other guy's schlong, finds out that his penis isn't very well endowed. He finds a guy to perform surgery on his penis, adding in strips of erect dog penis, and ended up with a well-endowed, functional penis, but he can no longer have children.

He leaves home without a word to his wife in search of other women to test his new and improved schlong on, and many chapters of sexual debauchery go by. In the mean time, his wife is sitting at home, after he lit her sexual desire. She starts to lust after her maid's new husband who also happens to be well endowed. They elope, and he sells her to a whore house. She makes a name for herself as a prostitute.

Before Midnight Scholar's friends hear about her, go to her whore house and get laid by Before Midnight Scholar's wife. They rant and rave to Before Midnight Scholar about this wonderful new hooker, prompting him to go in search of this talented new prostitute who is in fact, his wife.

When he gets to the whore house, she hides in her room because she realizes that it's her husband that's come to whore her. When Before Midnight Scholar finally gets to her room, she has hung herself and is dead. The whore house madam tries to make him pay for killing her and all her other patrons want to kill him because they liked her so much. He tries to explain that he's her husband and no one would believe him. Who would put his beautiful wife in a whore house and then pay to have sex with her?

He becomes a monk, kneeling down before the woven prayer mat of the Buddhists after meeting the guy that performed penile surgery on him again. He renounces the prayer mat of flesh he has been kneeling to for the entire book and becomes a spiritual scholar.

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