A country rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They specialise in playing country versions of rock songs with the words slightly altered ("Middle Aged Dirtbag" is based on the song "Teenage Dirtbag"). While this may sound lame, it works really well as one of their best songs is a version of a Nirvana tune Lithium.

I have their CD and EP that I bought from them at one of their gigs but they are really a band who are at their best when playing live. The most recent time I saw them was at the Greyhound Hotel playing with Shonkytonk.

Their website is at http://www.prayerbabies.com

Band Members:

Ian Birdwheel-Frights
guitar and vocals
(He looks like the bloke who plays the redneck roles in a lot of Hollywood movies (the one who beat up Marky Mark in Boogie Nights.))

Paul Dalby
slide guitar, tenor banjo, guitar, lead & harmony vocals

Pat Moore
drums, lead & harmony vocals

Nick Thorpe
double bass & harmony vocals


To the West Pole
Every Breath You Take
Middle-aged Dirtbag
That's Love (Habenera)
I Touch Myself
Where is my Heart
Bron (y) Aur Stomp
Goin Out West
Blue Bucket
On My Way

Side 2 (EP)
California Stars
Know Your Product
Fisherman's Blues
Don't Make Me

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