A groundbreaking and innovative ambient pop band formed in 1983 in Melbourne, Australia. The two core members of the group were David Bridie and John Phillips. From early beginnings of dark, yet somehow uplifting pop, centered around Bridie's ethereal vocals, to their later recordings influenced by the indigenous music of Papua New Guinea, Not Drowning, Waving were a constant provider of fresh ear candy to the Australian music scene of the time.

Other musicians who played with the band during their 11-year career were Tim Cole, Rowan McKinnon, Darren Geraghty, Phillip Flinker, Tanya Smith, Jaqui Rutten, Russel Bradley, Helen Mountfort and James Southall.

David Bridie and Helen Mounfort formed a new band in 1991 called My Friend the Chocolate Cake, who have a folk pop sound and Bridie continues a thriving solo career.

Not Drowning, Waving Discography


  • Another Pond 1984
  • The Little Desert 1985
  • Cold and the Crackle 1987
  • Claim 1989
  • Tabaran 1990
  • Proof (Soundtrack) 1991
  • Circus 1993
  • Hammers (Soundtrack) 1994


  • Moving Around 1984
  • Hunting for Nuggets 1984
  • Mr. Pooh (Do Be a Don't Be) 1985
  • Willow Tree 1990
  • The Kiap Song 1991
  • Spark 1993
  • Penmon 1993


  • Sing Sing 1986
  • IDID 1987
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