Deceptive waves tug you out to sea
pull you out, pull you under

Certain dangers are well marked
Large white signs on the beach depict
desperate stick figures struggling against
razor sharp waves.

Such knowledge should be enough.
Detterents are, by defintion, preventive
to those who pay attention to signs,
or listen to advice.

Only a fool would go
where he knows turmoil waits.
Smart people never deliberately choose

My own recklessness lead me to you;
lead you to me.
No oversight explains my choices.
I have only salt water excuses.

Deceptive waves tug me out to sea
Minutes and resolve, dissolve

Un"der*tow` (?), n. Naut.

The current that sets seaward near the bottom when waves are breaking upon the shore.


© Webster 1913.

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