The latest creation from Spumco's John K. (Ren and Stimpy). Crag, Rip, Slab, Chunk and Jimmy The Idiot Boy, their trusty sidekick. Four macho men in tights who fight to save our planet from bland, harmless educational toys and other evils!

"It's about the world's most manly men, who win their battles through sheer, raw manliness and willpower. They don't have superpowers, but they have the suits. They think superheroes are wimps because they have to cheat to win their battles--how manly are you if you have a superpower? You could beat the crap out of anyone! That's not very manly. A manly guy will take the pain along with the victory. It's got to hurt to win--that's The Ripping Friends". -- John K.

Crag (White): Harvey Atkin (Ep 1-5), Mark Dailey (CITY-TV anchorman)
Rip (Red): Mike MacDonald (Standup comedian)
Slab (Black): Merwin Mondesir
Chunk (Blue): Michael Anthony Kerr
Jimmy the Idiot Boy: John K.
Other voices by Miriam McDonald, Frenchie MacFarlane, Eric Bauza, Ron Pardo, Michael Cera

Memorable villains:
The Indigestable Wad evil chewing gum wad bent on sucking the moisture out of humanity.
The Ovulator evil chicken guy who abducted the RF's main source of energy: BEEF.
Rip's Shorts evil underwear corrupting the minds of superheroes for nefarious purposes.
Citracet the Merciless Evil Euroslavian stepfather to the Ripping Friends.

Episode List (as of 7/2002):

  1. The Indigestible Wad
  2. Flathead's Revenge
  3. The Infernal Wedding
  4. Frictor
  5. Rip's Shorts
  6. Ovulator
  7. Manman And Boyboy
  8. Stinky Butt
  9. Muscle Magician
  10. Dr. Jean Poole
  11. The Man From Next Thursday, Part I and II
  12. Jimmy's Kidnapped

In North America: Fox TV and Teletoon
Australia: ABC

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