Since I realize that many others have written Roman Mythology related nodes for E2, Please feel free to submit further additions to this guide. I'll add them ASAP.

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Dei et Deae Romanarum

Jupiter - King of the Gods
Juno - Queen of the Gods
Neptune - God of the Seas
Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom
Apollo - God of Light and Wisdom
Mercury - God of Commerce
Vulcan - God of Fire and the Forge
Diana - Goddess of Children and of the Hunt
Mars - God of War
Bacchus - God of Wine and Fertility
Cupid - God of Love
Venus - Goddess of Love and Beauty

Minor Gods and Other Important Players
Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth
Ganymede - Cupbearer of the Gods
Pan - God of Sheppards
Hebe - Goddess of Youth
Ceres - Goddess of Agriculture
Aeolus - King of the Winds
Somnos - God of Sleep
Iris - Goddess of the Rainbow
Cloacina - Goddess of the Roman Sewers (et al)
The Graces:
Aglaia - Splendor
Euphrasyne - Mirth
Thalia - Good Cheer
The Fates:
Clotho - Spinner of the the thread of life
Lachesis - Disposer of one's destiny
Atropos - Cutter of the thread of life
The Muses:
Clio - History
Urania - Astronomy
Melpomene - Tragedy
Thalia - Comedy
Terpsichore - Dance
Calliope - Epic Poetry
Erato - Love Poetry
Polyhymnia - Songs to the Gods (Hymns)
Euterpe - Lyric Poetry

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