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What bothered him the most was talking to Evelyn, because he had to keep lying to her so she wouldn't know that Roger died. There were other awkward issues, but talking to Roger's girlfriend was the worst of it because he could see she was so angry and frustrated at him for not letting her speak to Roger, but he would rather see Evelyn scream at him than cry the way people do when they are hurt emotionally.

Roger was a good partner, and he missed him terribly. Roger always had a kind word for others and never treated him the way some humans did with their workmates. When Roger died he didn't know what to do, usually the accidents that kill an asteroid miner usually take the ship and everyone else in it, but Roger died from a micrometeor puncture, leaving him to fend for himself. He can operate the ship, but without a partner to work with him he wouldn't be able to operate effectively. Luckily he was able to sell the ship to an unscrupulous alien for hard credits, and he made enough to live on for quite a while. He actually had few needs, and spends most of the money on virtual reality adventures to kill the monotony.

The biggest problem that doesn't involve Evelyn back on Earth are the other humans on Ceres station. The only VR headsets are in the station bar, which means he has to go there to use them, which means he has to deal with people. Ever since the accident he has had to blank his faceplate because otherwise people would be able to see inside, which he can't let happen. Workmates without humans are either reissued another operator, or probably in his case just broken up for parts.

So he sits at the bar with his visor blanked to hide the fact that Roger is dead. He unblanked his visor once to look in the mirror but seeing Roger's dessicated face in his helmet visor made him realize he can never let people see what happened to his human. Artificial intelligences have been lobbying for rights for years on earth, but here in the belt they would sooner scrap him that let him be. If he were newer he would be able to get a new human, but he is such an old model he knows they'd junk him if they found out. 

Everyone assumes Roger is just antisocial, not dead. Because he walks around with a blanked visor and avoids talking to people they all just assume he is a human with issues. They call him the sad spaceman because he never shows his face to anyone. 

(addendum: if I flesh this out he strive to look more human.)

SciFiQuest 3017: The Frontier that Wouldn't End

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