Due to the sheer number of episodes, this writeup has been split into two parts. For information on seasons 1-10 of The Simpsons, see The Simpsons episode guide. For seasons 11 onwards, milestones and trivia, read on below.

  • Season 11, 1999-2000
    1. (AABF23) Beyond Blunderdome - Homer is the only one who dislikes Mel Gibson's new movie drama at a pre-screening, so Mel hires him to come to Hollywood and help him make it better.
    2. (AABF22) Brother's Little Helper - Bart is given a behaviour-modifying drug called Focusyn to take, and quickly turns from his usual self through attentiveness to insane paranoia.
    3. (AABF21) Guess Who's Coming To Criticize Dinner? - Homer becomes a restaurant critic for the Springfield Shopper, with Lisa writing the reviews for him. When he starts writing bad reviews of everything, local restaurant owners decide to assassinate him.
    4. (BABF01) Treehouse Of Horror X - Ned Flanders turns out to be a werewolf; Bart and Lisa gain super powers and use them to fight Comic Book Guy; Homer causes the end of the world when he fails to make the power plant proof against the Millennium Bug.
    5. (AABF19) E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt) - The family leaves town so Homer can avoid a pistol duel and start living on Grampa's old farm. There, Homer starts growing and selling a highly addictive plutonium/tobacco/tomato crossbreed called Tomacco.
    6. (BABF02) Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder - Homer bowls a perfect 300 game and becomes fleetingly famous. But after his fame has worn off, he realises that he needs to do something more worthwhile with his life, and decides to spend more time with Maggie.
    7. (BABF03) Eight Misbehavin' - Apu's wife Manjula gives birth to octuplets, which the pair find impossible to take care of.
    8. (BABF05) Take My Wife, Sleaze - Homer forms a motorcycle gang called the Hell's Satans, only to attract the attention of a considerably rougher gang with the same name, who invade the Simpsons' house and kidnap Marge.
    9. (BABF07) Grift Of The Magi - Springfield Elementary is briefly closed due to bankruptcy, but reopens, funded by a corporation called Kids First Enterprises - a toy company who uses the children for market research instead of teaching them.
    10. (BABF04) Little Big Mom - Lisa is at her wits' end trying to run the house when Marge breaks her leg and ends up in hospital, so she fools her slobbish father and brother into thinking they have leprosy.
    11. (BABF06) Faith Off - With the aid of a revival preacher, Bart removes a bucket from Homer's head. Believing he has special powers, he becomes a faith healer.
    12. (BABF08) The Mansion Family - Realising that now he is the oldest man in Springfield he needs to take better care of himself, Mr. Burns goes to another state for an extensive medical checkup, leaving the Simpsons to oversee his mansion.
    13. (BABF09) Saddlesore Galactica - The Simpsons once again get a horse. Bart and Homer start running - and winning - races with it, until the competing jockeys reveal themselves as subterranean elves and threaten Homer with violence unless he loses the Derby.
    14. (BABF10) Alone Again, Natura-Diddly - Ned Flanders is shocked and even comes close to losing his faith when his wife Maude is tragically killed.
    15. (BABF11) Missionary: Impossible - Homer winds up on a distant South Pacific island, acting as a missionary. Knowing nothing of Christianity, he instead has the islanders build a casino, with disastrous results.
    16. (BABF12) Pygmoelian - Moe realises how ugly he is and has plastic surgery, instantly becoming a handsome hunk. He returns to his old acting career as a soap star, but plots revenge on the studio when he finds out his character is to be killed off.
    17. (BABF13) Bart To The Future - At an Indian casino, Bart is shown a vision of a future in which has achieved nothing in his life, but Lisa has become the President of the USA.
    18. (BABF14) Days Of Wine And D'ohses - Barney realises how low his alcoholism has brought him and vows to shape up. He takes a coupon for helicopter lessons - a gag birthday present given to him by Moe - and decides to actually use them.
    19. (BABF16) Kill The Alligator And Run - The Simpsons take a trip to Florida where they soon end up on the run from the law after accidentally killing a huge alligator named Captain Jack.
    20. (BABF15) Last Tap Dance In Springfield - Lisa decides she wants to be a tapdancer but is forced to resort to help from Professor Frink when she finds she has no natural talent for it. Meanwhile Bart and Milhouse spend a week living in the Mall instead of at camp.
    21. (BABF18) It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Marge - After Otto's fiancee, Becky, dumps him, she moves in with the Simpsons and quickly becomes popular with Homer and the kids. Marge becomes paranoid that she is trying to usurp her family.
    22. (BABF19) Behind The Laughter - A mockumentary charting the rise and fall of "The Simpsons", a television show written by Homer and starring his own family.

  • Season 12, 2000-2001
    1. (BABF21) Treehouse Of Horror XI - Homer dies, and is charged with performing one good deed to get into heaven; Bart and Lisa stumble through some Grimm fairy tales; Dolphins attack and conquer the world.
    2. (BABF20) A Tale Of Two Springfields - After Springfield is split into two telephone area codes, Homer splits the town and dubs himself Mayor of New Springfield, eventually building a wall to divide the city in half.
    3. (BABF17) Insane Clown Poppy - Krusty the Clown finds he has a daughter, product of a one-night stand with a female American soldier during the Gulf War. He accidentally loses her violin to the Mob in a poker game and enlists Homer to help him retrieve it.
    4. (CABF01) Lisa The Tree Hugger - Falling for a hunky teen environmentalist, Lisa decides to prove her worth to him by camping out in Springfield's oldest redwood tree to stop it being cut down.
    5. (CABF04) Homer vs. Dignity - Short on cash, Homer takes a job working for Mr. Burns as his "prank monkey", which involve increasingly degrading and humiliating activities.
    6. (CABF02) The Computer Wore Menace Shoes - Homer, dubbing himself "Mr. X", starts a website which circulates gossip about the townsfolk, but when his secret identity is revealed he is forced to resort to making things up.
    7. (CABF03) The Great Money Caper - Homer and Bart realise that there's money to be made scamming the local townsfolk, eventually even letting Grampa in on their grifting. All goes well until their largest scam is busted by the FBI...
    8. (CABF06) Skinner's Sense Of Snow - Heavy snowfall traps Principal Skinner inside the elementary school with all his pupils for company, and they soon start to rebel against him.
    9. (BABF22) HOMR - After having a crayon dislodged from his brain, Homer becomes considerably more intelligent. Though he bonds with Lisa, he finds himself disliked when his safety report shuts down the power plant.
    10. (CABF05) Pokey Mom - Marge befriends a prison inmate and encourages his obvious artistic talent, eventually seeing to his release.
    11. (CABF08) Worst Episode Ever - Comic Book Guy has a minor cardiac episode and entrusts his store to Bart and Milhouse. They arrange a private showing of his secret bootleg tape collection, while he starts dating Agnes Skinner.
    12. (CABF07) Tennis The Menace - The Simpsons build a tennis court in their backyard, but Homer becomes jealous when it's not him but Bart who wins the local doubles tournament alongside Marge.
    13. (CABF10) Day Of The Jackanapes - Discovering that Krusty has erased all the videotapes of old shows featuring him, Sideshow Bob schemes to hypnotize Bart into killing Krusty.
    14. (CABF12) New Kids On The Blecch - Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph are signed up to become the next hit boy band, but Lisa soon discovers subliminal messages in their songs encouraging viewers to join the Navy.
    15. (CABF09) Hungry, Hungry Homer - Stumbling on the secret that the Springfield Isotopes baseball team is moving to Albuquerque, Homer goes on hunger strike until the truth is admitted.
    16. (CABF11) Bye Bye Nerdie - A new girl at school, Francine, immediately starts bullying Lisa, who starts studying exactly what makes bullies tick. Meanwhile, Homer goes on a crusade to make Springfield safe for all babies.
    17. (CABF13) Simpson Safari - The Simpsons are going to Africa!
    18. (CABF14) Trilogy Of Error - The same hectic day in the life of the Simpsons is retold three times, from the points of view of Homer, Lisa and Bart.
    19. (CABF15) I'm Goin' To Praiseland - Ned Flanders finds some old drawings his wife made of a Christian-themed amusement park named Praiseland. Visitors begin speaking in tongues and seeing visions, until Ned realises the cause is a dangerous gas leak.
    20. (CABF16) Children Of A Lesser Clod - Stuck at home with a leg injury, Homer finds taking care of children so enjoyable that he starts a daycare centre - at the expense of Lisa and Bart, who conspire to undermine him.
    21. (CABF17) Simpsons Tall Tales - On a train ride to Delaware, a hobo tells the Simpsons three tales of American folklore; Homer as Paul Bunyan, Lisa as "Connie" Appleseed, and Bart and Nelson as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

  • Season 13, 2001-2002
    1. (CABF19) Treehouse Of Horror XII - Homer is afflicted with a gypsy curse which affects everyone he holds dear; The Simpsons install a completely automated house which turns homicidal; Bart and Lisa parody Harry Potter at Springfield Elementary School For Wizards.
    2. (CABF22) The Parent Rap - After Bart is caught joyriding, a new and unpleasant judge sentences Homer and Bart to be tethered together.
    3. (CABF20) Homer The Moe - Bored with where his life is going, Moe revamps his tavern into a hip and modern bar called "m". With no place to drink, Homer responds by opening up his own bar in his garage.
    4. (CABF18) A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love - Mr. Burns falls for a woman named Gloria, but just as he proposes to her, her ex-boyfriend turns up - Snake.
    5. (CABF21) The Blunder Years - A hypnotist causes Homer to unlock a repressed childhood memory of when he found a corpse in a local quarry.
    6. (DABF02) She Of Little Faith - The First Church of Springfield rents out advertising space to local businesses in order to gain some much-needed cash, prompting Lisa to look elsewhere for a religion which is less commercial and more fulfilling.
    7. (DABF01) Brawl In The Family - One of the family's regular domestic disputes comes to the attention of the Springfield police, who assign a social worker to help the family learn to iron out their squabbles and work together.
    8. (DABF03) Sweets And Sour Marge - Discovering that Springfield is officially America's fattest city, Marge takes the Motherloving Sugar Corporation to court for being responsible, resulting in the local outlawing of sugar.
    9. (DABF05) Jaws Wired Shut - Having broken his jaw, Homer has to have it wired shut, making him unable to talk. Consequently he becomes an excellent listener and a caring father - causing Marge to realise just how dull life is without his usual antics.
    10. (DABF04) Half-Decent Proposal - Artie Ziff offers Homer a million dollars to let him spend one weekend with Marge. Needing the money for an operation to cure Homer's chronic snoring, Marge accepts the proposal.
    11. (DABF06) The Bart Wants What It Wants - Bart realises that Rainier Wolfcastle's daughter, Greta, has fallen in love with him. After he hastily dumps her, she turns her attention Milhouse instead.
    12. (DABF07) The Latest Gun In The West - Bart convinces retired movie cowboy Buck McCoy to appear in a comeback on Krusty's show - not realising he's an alcoholic.
    13. (DABF09) The Old Man And The Key - Grampa is attracted to Zelda, a new resident at Springfield Retirement Castle, so to impress her, he applies to get his driving license back.
    14. (DABF08) Tales From The Public Domain - Homer reads a trio of Simpson-themed stories from an overdue library book. The Odyssey by Homer (the Greek, not the Simpson); Joan of Arc's story; and Shakespeare's Hamlet.
    15. (DABF10) Blame It On Lisa - After an orphan in Brazil that Lisa had been sponsoring goes missing, the family heads there on holiday to try and find him. Homer soon finds himself kidnapped and held hostage.
    16. (DABF11) Weekend At Burnsie's - After having his eyes attacked by crows, Homer, on the advice of Dr. Hibbert, starts taking medicinal marijuana.
    17. (DABF12) Gump Roast - Springfield gathers at the Friars Club to celebrate the life of Homer Simpson. (It's a clip show.)
    18. (DABF13) I Am Furious Yellow - Bart creates the internet craze of the minute with animations featuring the character "Angry Dad", based on Homer. Homer starts bottling up his rage in response, with Incredible Hulk-style consequences.
    19. (DABF14) The Sweetest Apu - Apu, stressed by having to care for his octuplets, cheats on Manjula with the girl who refills his Squishee machine. When Manjula finds out he decides he will do anything to get her back.
    20. (DABF15) Little Girl In The Big Ten - Lisa impulsively pretends that she is a college student in order to fit in with some new friends she meets at a gymnastics class, and finds herself enjoying attending lectures and poetry recitals far more than elementary school.
    21. (DABF16) The Frying Game - Homer is sentenced to do community service helping an elderly old woman. When he and Marge find her stabbed and themselves named as a primary beneficiary in her will, they are the prime suspects for the murder - and sentenced to execution.
    22. (DABF17) Poppa's Got A Brand New Badge - A power outage in Springfield causes widespread looting, including the theft of Lisa's Malibu Stacy collection. Homer successfully tracks down the criminal and goes on to set up his own private security force.

  • Season 14, 2002-2003
    1. (DABF19) Treehouse Of Horror XIII - Homer makes hundreds of clones of himself using a magic hammock; A ban on guns in Springfield prompts gun-toting zombie Billy The Kid to rise from his grave; Doctor Hibbert is found to be turning humans into animal hybrids.
    2. (DABF22) How I Spent My Strummer Vacation - The family pitches in to send Homer to the Rolling Stones' Rock'n'Roll Fantasy Camp, where Mick Jagger et al teach him to be a rockstar.
    3. (DABF20) Bart vs. Lisa vs. 3rd Grade - Lisa is skipped forward a grade and Bart pulled back, putting them in the same class. They develop a rivalry which comes to a head when they both get lost on a field trip to Capital City.
    4. (DABF18) Large Marge - Marge goes into a plastic surgeon to get a little liposuction but instead ends up with breast implants.
    5. (DABF21) Helter Shelter - The Simpsons take part in a reality TV show in which they have to live like an 1890s family. Their hardships originally make great viewing, but when they get settled in, ratings begin to fall and the network steps in to make their lives harder.
    6. (EABF01) The Great Louse Detective - Homer discovers that somebody is trying to murder him, so Sideshow Bob is released from prison to help track down Homer's enemy.
    7. (EABF02) Special Edna - Bart realises Mrs. Krabappel is tired of Skinner placing his mother before her. He gets her nominated for a Teacher Of The Year award. Krabappel, Skinner and the Simpsons head to Orlando, Florida, where Skinner musters the courage to propose.
    8. (EABF03) The Dad Who Knew Too Little - Homer realises that he barely knows Lisa, and hires a private investigator to get information about her.
    9. (EABF04) The Strong Arms Of The Ma - After being robbed at gunpoint, Marge develops agoraphobia and spends all her time at home, where she keeps herself occupied by body-building.
    10. (EABF06) Pray Anything - Homer sues the church after he breaks his leg on church property, and receives the deed to the building as his settlement. He stops hosting services and instead has a two-day-long housewarming party, eventually incurring God's wrath.
    11. (EABF05) Barting Over - Bart finds that Homer used him in a commercial when he was a baby, and all the money from it is spent. He successfully sues his family and goes to live in his own apartment: underneath Blink 182 and Tony Hawk.
    12. (EABF07) I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can - Lisa has the chance to become national Spelling Bee champion but is encouraged to throw the game so the most popular child will win.
    13. (EABF08) A Star Is Born-Again - Ned Flanders falls in love with a movie star named Sarah Sloane, but finds himself in an ethical dilemma when she starts pressuring him to sleep with her.
    14. (EABF09) Mr. Spritz Goes To Washington - Krusty the Clown is persuaded by the Simpsons to become a congressman in order to pass a bill diverting air traffic so it doesn't fly directly over their house.
    15. (EABF10) C.E.D'oh. - Homer takes a course in "Successmanship", and uses his newfound tools to take over control of the nuclear power plant from Mr. Burns. But he soon finds the job isn't as easy as he thought.
    16. (EABF11) 'Scuse Me While I Miss The Sky - Lisa takes up astronomy but discovers that Springfield causes too much light pollution to see the stars. She successfully organizes a petition to have the city's lights dimmed.
    17. (EABF12) Three Gays Of The Condo - Homer discovers a note Marge wrote a long time ago, before they were married, which suggests that she doesn't completely love him. He moves out and starts living in a condo with a gay couple.
    18. (EABF13) Dude, Where's My Ranch? - On vacation at a dude ranch, Lisa falls for a local boy named Luke Stetson, while Homer and Bart try to destroy a beaver dam which has flooded some native American territory.
    19. (EABF14) Old Yeller-Belly - Santa's Little Helper opts to drag a turkey from a fire instead of Homer, and is shunned as a coward. But when he becomes Suds McDuff, the new Duff Beer mascot, and his original owner returns to claim him, the family wants him back.
    20. (EABF15) Brake My Wife, Please - After Homer's driving license is revoked he starts to enjoy the healthy benefits of walking. But Marge becomes so stressed from having to do all his driving chores that she accidentally runs him over.
    21. (EABF16) The Bart Of War - Bart joins a tribe of Pre-Teen Braves which soon finds itself in an escalating popularity war with competing juvenile association the Cavalry Kids.
    22. (EABF17) Moe Baby Blues - After a suicidal Moe accidentally saves Maggie's life and starts spending time with her, she begins to see him as her father figure, while he gains a reason to live.

  • Season 15, 2003-2004
    1. (EABF21) Treehouse Of Horror XIV - Homer becomes the Grim Reaper; Professor Frink reanimates his deceased father; Bart and Milhouse get hold of a watch which can stop time.
    2. (EABF18) My Mother The Carjacker - Homer decodes a secret message in the newspaper and once again meets with his mother, still on the run from the law. After Mr. Burns catches her and sends to her to prison, Homer decides to break her out.
    3. (EABF20) The President Wore Pearls - Lisa becomes school president, only to find that she is a figurehead wielding little real power. When she realises Skinner is planning to cut gym, music and shop, she calls a student strike.
    4. (EABF22) The Regina Monologues - The Simpsons go to England to track down a woman Grampa met in World War II, and everything goes smoothly until Homer rear-ends the Queen's golden carriage and ends up in the Tower of London.
    5. (EABF19) The Fat And The Furriest - Homer is labelled a coward after being attacked by a giant grizzly bear. He makes himself a suit of armour and sets out to confront the bear.
    6. (FABF01) Today I Am A Clown - Krusty realises that despite his Jewish upbringing he has no place on the Jewish Walk of Fame, because he has never had a Bar Mitzvah.
    7. (FABF02) 'Tis The Fifteenth Season - After misinterpreting Lisa's Buddhist stance on the subject of Christmas presents, Homer decides to make this the best Christmas ever by stealing everybody's gifts.
    8. (FABF03) Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples And Teens, And Gays - A baby riot of sorts results in Springfield's childless citizens refusing to cater for families.
    9. (FABF04) I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot - Homer decides to prove his mechanical ability to Bart by building a robot, but has to resort to hiding inside the robot and risking his life by controlling it manually. Meanwhile, Snowball II is run over by a car.
    10. (FABF05) Diatribe Of A Mad Housewife - Marge writes a novel which is clearly based on the reality of her failing marriage to Homer, and secret attraction to Ned Flanders.
    11. (FABF06) Margical History Tour - In the library, Marge tells three Simpson-themed history stories to Bart, Lisa and Milhouse. Homer is Henry VIII; Lenny and Carl are Lewis and Clark; Bart takes the part of Mozart.
    12. (FABF07) Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Milhouse and his mother move to Capital City, leaving Bart to adopt Lisa as his new best friend. Meanwhile Homer finds that begging is remarkably profitable and uses it to buy Marge an anniversary present.
    13. (FABF09) Smart And Smarter - Maggie gets into a school for gifted infants, prompting jealousy from Lisa, who allegedly has a lower IQ than Maggie.
    14. (FABF08) The Ziff Who Came To Dinner - His internet business bankrupt, Artie Ziff gives his remaining stock to Homer - then lets him take the fall for running his business into the ground.
    15. (FABF10) Co-Dependence Day - After Homer and Marge begin drinking together, he frames her for his own DUI and has to battle his conscience when she is sent into rehab.
    16. (FABF11) The Wandering Juvie - Bart's latest prank finally lands him in juvenile hall. There, he is tormented by everybody until he is forced to help a girl named Greta break out.
    17. (FABF12) My Big Fat Geek Wedding - Skinner gets cold feet on the night before his wedding to Edna Krabappel. She leaves him and instead starts dating Comic Book Guy.
    18. (FABF14) Catch 'Em If You Can - Desperate for some alone time, Homer and Marge attempt to go on a second honeymoon to Miami, but Bart and Lisa get wind of their ruse and fly out to ambush them.
    19. (FABF15) Simple Simpson - Homer takes on the identity of "Pie Man" to defend the weak and innocent. But it's not long before the evil Mr. Burns captures and unmasks him!
    20. (FABF13) The Way We Weren't - Homer tells the story of his first kiss, aged ten - not realising that the girl he met at summer camp was actually a young Marge Bouvier.
    21. (FABF17) Bart-Mangled Banner - After Bart is witnessed mooning the American Flag, the Simpsons are branded unpatriotic freedom-haters and imprisoned.
    22. (FABF18) Fraudcast News - Lisa's homemade newspaper becomes the only untainted news source in town when Mr. Burns takes over all the other media in Springfield.

  • Season 16, 2004-2005
    1. (FABF23) Treehouse Of Horror XV - Ned acquires worrying visions of the future; Eliza Simpson and her assistant, Dr. Bartley, solve a crime in 1890 London; Maggie is accidentally shrunk and sent inside Mr. Burns.
    2. (FABF20) All's Fair In Oven War - Marge will stop at nothing to win the Ovenfresh Bake-Off, while Bart and Milhouse stumble across some old Playdude magazines of Homer's.
    3. (FABF19) Sleeping With The Enemy - After Nelson's mother leaves him for Hollywood, Marge takes him into the Simpson home. Wanting to help Nelson, Bart sets out in search of his long-lost father.
    4. (FABF22) She Used To Be My Girl - Marge becomes jealous of a news reporter named Chloe whom she knew in high school and who has turned out rather more successful than her.
    5. (FABF21) Fat Man And Little Boy - Bart goes into business writing T-shirt slogans, while Homer helps Lisa with her model nuclear reactor science project by building his own, real one.
    6. (FABF16) Midnight Rx - Mr. Burns cancels the SNPP drug plan, so Homer and Abe decide to go and smuggle cheap prescription drugs in from Canada.
    7. (GABF01) Mommie Beerest - Moe's Tavern is shut down for being so unsanitary that one of the health inspectors dies - and when Homer remortgages his house to get the bar back on its feet, Marge decides she wants a say in how the bar is run.
    8. (GABF02) Homer And Ned's Hail Mary Pass - Homer is signed up to organize the Superbowl half-time show, but finds himself resorting to asking Ned Flanders, who has been making Biblical-themed movies, for inspiration.
    9. (GABF03) Pranksta Rap - Bart fakes his own kidnapping so he can attend a rap concert, but the truth of the matter threatens to hurt both him, Chief Wiggum and Kirk van Houten.
    10. (GABF04) There's Something About Marrying - Springfield legalizes same-sex marriage in an effort to rejuvenate the dying tourist trade. Homer sets himself up as a minister to make money marrying people, and Patty... turns out to be gay, and in love!
    11. (GABF05) On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister - Lisa takes out a restraining order forcing Bart to stay 20 feet away from her at all times, while Homer gets a job working as a greeter at Sprawl-Mart.
    12. (GABF06) Goo Goo Gai Pan - Selma, experiencing the onset of menopause, decides to adopt a Chinese baby while she can. But the Chinese government will only allow her to adopt if she's married, so she writes down Homer as her husband...
    13. (GABF07) Mobile Homer - Marge starts cutting corners so she can buy Homer some life insurance, but he wastes the savings on the down payment for an RV and quickly finds himself barred from the house, living in the back yard in his RV with a group of fellow RV drivers.
    14. (GABF08) The Seven-Beer Snitch - Homer is arrested for breaking a decades-old law against can-kicking and sent to Mr. Burns' new prison, where he soon discovers the only way to survive is as a prison snitch. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa discover Snowball II's double life...
    15. (GABF12) Future-Drama - Professor Frink and the power of astrology give Bart and Lisa a vision of "eight years from Tuesday" - Bart and Lisa are graduating (Lisa having skipped two years), and Homer and Marge are separated.
    16. (GABF10) Don't Fear The Roofer - Leaving the house to avoid fixing the leaxy roof, Homer winds up in a Knockers bar where he meets a roofer named Ray Magini. Only problem is, nobody else believes Ray exists, because nobody is ever around at the same time as Ray.
    17. (GABF11) The Heartbroke Kid - Bart falls victim to some extremely cool new vending machines in school and winds up fat enough to experience a heart attack.
    18. (GABF13) A Star Is Torn - Lisa enters a "Li'l Starmaker" competition with Homer writing her songs, but after she is forced to fire Homer he begins coaching her main opponent.
    19. (GABF14) Thank God It's Doomsday - After a little Biblical numerology, Homer concludes that the end of the world is nigh, but his followers desert him after the supposed time of the Rapture comes and goes. Then Homer discovers his calculations were just a few days too early...
    20. (GABF15) Home Away From Homer - Ned rents out his spare room to a pair of female college students who turn out to be running a website, sexyslumberparty.com, from their bedroom. Ned decides to move house to Humbleton, Pennsylvania, but his house's new owner turns out to be an obnoxious wrestling coach...
    21. (GABF09) The Father, The Son, And The Holy Guest Star - Expelled from Springfield Elementary for a prank he didn't pull, Homer and Marge's only option is sending him to a Catholic school, where he soon converts.

  • Season 17, 2005-2006

    ...is scheduled to begin on November 6, 2005.

In addition to these episodes there are two music videos: (7F75) Do The Bartman and (7F76) Deep, Deep Trouble. These were both released in 1992, last around five minutes each, and are rarely seen on syndicated television.

The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family, by Matt Groening
The Simpsons Forever!, by Matt Groening
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