Due to the sheer number of episodes, this writeup has been split into two parts. For information on seasons 1-10 of The Simpsons, read on below. For seasons 11 onwards, milestones and trivia, see The Simpsons episode guide, continued.

From its debut in 1989 to the conclusion of season fifteen in May 2004, a total of 335 episodes of The Simpsons have aired. Season 16, expected to run to roughly 21 episodes, began in November 2004 and is currently in progress. Here I present what is probably the briefest possible episode guide to The Simpsons. At the end you will find some milestones and trivia.

  • Season 1, 1989-1990
    1. (7G08) Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire - Realising the family has no money to buy Christmas presents, Homer secretly takes a job working as a Santa Claus.
    2. (7G02) Bart The Genius - Bart cheats on an intelligence test and gets moved to a school for geniuses, where he finds himself hopelessly out of his depth.
    3. (7G03) Homer's Odyssey - After losing his job for repeated safety violations, Homer saves his family from being run over at a dangerous road intersection and embarks on a safety signposting campaign.
    4. (7G04) There's No Disgrace Like Home - At a power plant family picnic, Homer becomes jealous of the happy, well-behaved families who contrast with his own, who run amok. He hocks the TV to take them all to a family therapy centre.
    5. (7G05) Bart The General - After repeated bullying from Nelson, Bart, with the help of war veteran Herman, amasses an army of children to take him down.
    6. (7G06) Moaning Lisa - Hit by depression, Lisa finds jazzman Bleeding Gums Murphy playing sax on a bridge one night, and learns to express her sadness through the blues.
    7. (7G09) The Call Of The Simpsons - The Simpsons find themselves stranded in the wild forest after their RV goes over a cliff, and Homer ends up mistaken for Bigfoot by a wildlife photographer.
    8. (7G07) The Telltale Head - Attempting to make himself popular with a group of unpleasant older kids, Bart decapitates the statue of the city founder, Jebediah Springfield, and ends up facing the wrath of the townsfolk.
    9. (7G11) Life On The Fast Lane - Homer insensitively buys Marge a bowling ball for her birthday. To spite him, Marge starts bowling, is subsequently tempted to have an affair with her suave bowling instructor, Jacques.
    10. (7G10) Homer's Night Out - Bart photographs Homer with an exotic dancer at a stag party, prompting Marge to throw Homer out of the house.
    11. (7G13) The Crepes Of Wrath - Bart goes on an exchange trip to France, and ends up enslaved by a pair of Frenchmen who put antifreeze in their wine. Meanwhile the Simpsons' temporary adoptive son turns out to be an Albanian spy.
    12. (7G12) Krusty Gets Busted - Bart is the only one who believes - and proves - his idol, Krusty the Clown's innocence after Krusty is framed for armed robbery by his long-suffering sidekick, Sideshow Bob.
    13. (7G01) Some Enchanted Evening - While Homer and Marge are enjoying a romantic evening out, Bart, Lisa and Maggie discover that their babysitter is a wanted criminal.

  • Season 2, 1990-1991
    1. (7F03) Bart Gets An F - Bart finds himself failing at school, and is threatened with being held back a year if he cannot pass one last exam.
    2. (7F02) Simpson And Delilah - A new miracle formula gains Homer hair and executive promotion. But even the generous help of his personal assistant Karl cannot prevent his demotion after he breaks the bottle and loses his hair again.
    3. (7F04) Treehouse Of Horror - Bart and Lisa tell three scary Simpsons Halloween stories in their treehouse, while Homer secretly listens. A haunted house; alien abduction; an adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven".
    4. (7F01) Two Cars In Every Garage, Three Eyes On Every Fish - After Bart catches a three-eyed fish, Mr. Burns is faced with making expensive repairs to the nuclear plant. To avoid them, he runs for town governor.
    5. (7F05) Dancin' Homer - Homer's antics in front of a Springfield Isotopes baseball game get him signed up as the team's mascot.
    6. (7F08) Dead Putting Society - Homer bets Ned Flanders that Bart can beat Rodd at miniature golf, and starts pressuring Bart to win.
    7. (7F07) Bart vs. Thanksgiving - Refusing to apologize for burning a centrepiece that Lisa spent hours creating, Bart runs away from home to find Thanksgiving dinner at a local soup kitchen.
    8. (7F06) Bart The Daredevil - Inspired by daredevil Lance Murdock, Bart begins performing increasingly dangerous skateboard stunts and eventually decides to attempt to clear Springfield Gorge.
    9. (7F09) Itchy & Scratchy & Marge - After Maggie imitates the television by walloping Homer on the head with a mallet, Marge campaigns for the banning of violent cartoons like Itchy & Scratchy.
    10. (7F10) Bart Gets Hit By A Car - The Simpsons sue Mr. Burns for a million dollars after Bart is hit by his car.
    11. (7F11) One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish - After eating blowfish meat at a Chinese restaurant, Homer is believed to have consumed poison and given 22 hours to live.
    12. (7F12) The Way We Was - The Simpsons' television breaks, so Homer tells the story of how he and Marge met in high school in 1974.
    13. (7F13) Homer vs. Lisa And The Eighth Commandment - Lisa fears for her father's soul after he starts stealing cable TV, and stages a non-violent protest against his watching the boxing match of the decade.
    14. (7F15) Principal Charming - Homer is assigned to find a husband for Selma, but accidentally introduces Principal Skinner to her twin sister, Patty.
    15. (7F16) Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? - Grampa reveals that Homer has a long-lost half-brother, and Homer tracks him down. His name is Herb Powell and he manufactures cars. He asks Homer to design a car for the average Joe, with disastrous consequences.
    16. (7F14) Bart's Dog Gets An F - Santa's Little Helper is sent to an obedience school after wrecking a family heirloom.
    17. (7F17) Old Money - Grampa falls in love with a woman named Bea at his old people's home, but she soon passes away... leaving her fortune to Grampa, who tries to work out what to do with the cash.
    18. (7F18) Brush With Greatness - A letter from Ringo Starr encourages Marge to take up painting again, prompting Mr. Burns to commission Marge to paint his portrait.
    19. (7F19) Lisa's Substitute - Lisa's temporary substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom, worries that she has no positive male role model when he meets Homer. Meanwhile Bart runs for class president.
    20. (7F20) The War Of The Simpsons - Worrying that their marriage is failing, Marge and Homer go to a marriage retreat at Catfish Lake, where Homer is more interested in landing a legendary fish named General Sherman.
    21. (7F21) Three Men And A Comic Book - After splitting the $100 cost of Radioactive Man #1, Bart, Martin and Milhouse grow increasingly distrustful of each other, refusing to let the comic out of their sight.
    22. (7F22) Blood Feud - Mr. Burns gives the Simpsons nothing more than a note of thanks after Bart provides him with a needed transfusion of rare blood, causing Homer to be outraged.

  • Season 3, 1991-1992
    1. (7F24) Stark Raving Dad - For wearing a pink shirt to work, Homer is up committed to a mental institution, where he meets a big fat white guy claiming to be Michael Jackson.
    2. (8F01) Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington - The Simpsons travel to Washington DC so Lisa can take part in a patriotic essay contest, but Lisa rips up her old essay and replaces it with a highly inflammatory one after witnessing a senator taking a bribe.
    3. (7F23) When Flanders Failed - Homer deliberately neglects to spread the word when Ned Flanders opens the Leftorium, a store filled with left-handed goods.
    4. (8F03) Bart The Murderer - Bart gets a job mixing drinks in a private club run by Italian gangsters. One evening he comes into work griping about Principal Skinner... who goes missing the following day.
    5. (8F04) Homer Defined - After Homer averts not one but two nuclear meltdowns through dumb luck, "pulling a Homer" becomes the dictionary definition of succeeding through idiocy. Meanwhile Milhouse's mother forbids him to play with Bart, saying he is a bad influence.
    6. (8F05) Like Father, Like Clown - Bart and Lisa work to reunite Krusty with his estranged father, a rabbi who threw him out when, instead of becoming a rabbi himself, Krusty decided to become a clown.
    7. (8F02) Treehouse Of Horror II - Bart, Lisa and Homer consume too much Halloween candy and have a nightmare each - a cursed monkey paw which grants wishes; an omnipotent Bart who can read minds; and a giant robot built by Mr. Burns, with Homer's brain inside.
    8. (8F06) Lisa's Pony - After Homer fails to be a good father to Lisa, he makes it up to her by buying her the pony she has always wanted. It proves so expensive he has to take a second job, working the night shift at the Kwik-E-Mart.
    9. (8F07) Saturdays Of Thunder - Homer fails a fatherhood test so he bonds with Bart by helping him build a soap box derby racer.
    10. (8F08) Flaming Moe's - Homer shows Moe an amazing drink he invented called Flaming Homer. Moe steals the drink and gets rich off it, renaming it the Flaming Moe, and causing resentment from Homer.
    11. (8F09) Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk - Mr. Burns sells his nuclear plant to a group of Germans, in order to pursue solo interests. After discovering how incompetent Homer is, the first thing the new owners do is fire him.
    12. (8F10) I Married Marge - Homer tells the story of how he married Marge in 1980, the birth of Bart and how he first got the job at the nuclear plant.
    13. (8F11) Radio Bart - Bart drops a microphone down a well and fools the town into thinking that "Timmy O'Toole" is trapped down there. However, when he tries to retrieve the radio he ironically gets trapped himself.
    14. (8F12) Lisa The Greek - Homer's football gambling becomes highly profitable when Lisa proves exceptional at picking winners, and their Sundays together become a regular event. But Lisa feels used when she finds that Homer was only interested in the money.
    15. (8F14) Homer Alone - Marge goes on a relaxing holiday on her own after a harrowing, stressful day. While she's away, Bart and Lisa stay with Patty and Selma, while Homer manages to lose Maggie entirely.
    16. (8F16) Bart The Lover - Finding a Lonely Hearts ad from his teacher, Bart starts a correspondence with her under the assumed name of Woodrow. But after standing her up when they decide to meet, Bart begins to feel guilty.
    17. (8F13) Homer At The Bat - Homer and others join the plant softball team, but Mr. Burns has a million dollars riding on the championship game and brings in nine ringers instead, leaving Homer on the bench.
    18. (8F15) Separate Vocations - Bart gets a taste for authority and becomes school hall monitor, while Lisa, depressed that she may never become a professional jazz musician, goes bad.
    19. (8F17) Dog Of Death - Santa's Little Helper causes a lot of resentment from the Simpsons when they have to make painful sacrifices to pay for an operation to save his life.
    20. (8F19) Colonel Homer - Homer becomes manager for waitress-turned-singer Lurleen Lumpkin. Marge's fears that Homer is seeing too much of Lurleen are confirmed when she starts coming on to him.
    21. (8F20) Black Widower - Bart is the only one who refuses to believe that Sideshow Bob has changed when he is released from prison and marries Selma. His suspicions are confirmed when he tries to murder her on their honeymoon.
    22. (8F21) The Otto Show - After a bad bus-driving accident, Otto loses his job and ends up penniless and living with the Simpsons.
    23. (8F22) Bart's Friend Falls In Love - Milhouse falls for a new transfer student, Samantha. With Milhouse no longer interested in being Bart's friend, Bart decides to sabotage their romance.
    24. (8F23) Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? - Herb Powell returns to the Simpsons in the hopes of dragging himself out of the gutter Homer left him in.

  • Season 4, 1992-1993
    1. (8F24) Kamp Krusty - Bart and Lisa discover that Kamp Krusty is a hellhole where they are treated like slaves and barely fed - and Krusty is nowhere to be seen.
    2. (8F18) A Streetcar Named Marge - Marge stars in a musical production of "A Streetcar Named Desire".
    3. (9F01) Homer The Heretic - Homer has such a good time staying home from church one Sunday that he decides to give it up completely.
    4. (9F02) Lisa The Beauty Queen - Homer is so confident of his daughter's beauty that he enters Lisa in a Little Miss Springfield beauty pageant, which she wins by default after favourite Amber Dempsey is struck by lightning.
    5. (9F04) Treehouse Of Horror III - The Simpsons are having a Halloween party and tell spooky stories. A Krusty doll which comes to life and tries to kill Homer; a rip-off of King Kong; and Bart raises the living dead.
    6. (9F03) Itchy And Scratchy: The Movie - Homer and Marge are told at a parent-teacher meeting that they need to discipline Bart more. Homer forbids Bart to see the Itchy & Scratchy Movie.
    7. (9F05) Marge Gets A Job - To pay for vital foundation repairs to the house, Marge gets a job alongside Homer at the nuclear plant, where Mr. Burns falls in love with her.
    8. (9F06) New Kid On The Block - Ruth Powers and her daughter Laura move in next door to the Simpsons, and Bart soon falls for Laura - until it turns out she is more interested in local bully Jimbo Jones.
    9. (9F07) Mr. Plow - Homer buys a snowplow and goes into business plowing driveways, but ends up in direct competition with Barney.
    10. (9F08) Lisa's First Word - While trying to persuade Maggie to talk, Homer tells the family the story of Lisa's first word, back in 1984.
    11. (9F09) Homer's Triple Bypass - Homer has a heart attack and is diagnosed as needing a forty-thousand-dollar coronary bypass operation which the family cannot afford.
    12. (9F11) Marge vs. The Monorail - The town purchases a monorail system from a man named Lyle Lanley. After visiting the wrecks of other towns where Lanley has sold monorails, Marge realises too late that the monorail is dangerously unsafe.
    13. (9F11) Selma's Choice - After her aunt Gladys dies, Selma vows not to die alone and decides she wants a baby. But after failing to keep Bart and Lisa out of trouble on their trip to Duff Gardens, realises she might not be cut out for motherhood.
    14. (9F12) Brother From The Same Planet - From an agency, Bart gets a Bigger Brother named Tom, who acts as a better father than Homer ever could. Homer responds by signing up as a Bigger Brother to a street kid named Pepi.
    15. (9F13) I Love Lisa - Ralph Wiggum takes a Valentine's Day card from Lisa too seriously and lavishes attention on her until she publicly humiliates him by rejecting him on live television.
    16. (9F14) Duffless - Homer is caught drink-driving and agrees to spend 30 days without touching alcohol. Meanwhile Bart ruins Lisa's science project and she takes her revenge by experimenting on him instead.
    17. (9F15) Last Exit To Springfield - Lisa needs braces on her teeth, so Homer becomes leader of the power plant union to renegotiate his fellow workers' contracts and get back their dental plan.
    18. (9F17) So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show - Bart's April Fools' Day prank lands Homer in hospital in a coma, where the family reminisces about past experiences.
    19. (9F16) The Front - Homer admits that he never graduated from high school, and goes to night school to take Remedial Science 1A. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa start writing Itchy & Scratchy cartoons under Abe Simpson's name.
    20. (9F18) Whacking Day - Bart gets expelled from school so Marge starts teaching him herself, while the town gathers around for Whacking Day, in which all the snakes in town are rounded up and clubbed to death.
    21. (9F20) Marge In Chains - Accidentally forgetting to pay for an item at the Kwik-E-Mart, Marge sets off the store alarm and is sentenced to 30 days in prison.
    22. (9F19) Krusty Gets Kancelled - A new show starring a ventriloquist's dummy named Gabbo starts airing directly opposite Krusty the Klown, who soon gets cancelled. Bart and Lisa plan to stage a huge, star-studded comeback show.

  • Season 5, 1993-1994
    1. (9F21) Homer's Barbershop Quartet - When Bart finds an old album with Homer on the cover, Homer tells the story of how in 1985 he, Apu, Skinner and Barney formed the Be Sharps and achieved fame and fortune.
    2. (9F22) Cape Feare - Sideshow Bob sends threatening letters to Bart as a prelude to his release from jail. The FBI Witness Relocation Program changes the Simpsons' identity to the Thompsons and moves them to a houseboat on Terror Lake.
    3. (1F01) Rosebud - Mr. Burns offers a substantial reward to the Simpsons for the return of his teddy bear Bobo, which he discarded as a very young child. Homer refuses the offer because Maggie is too attached to the bear, prompting Burns to shut down the town's beer supply.
    4. (1F02) Homer Goes To College - After being found to be dangerously unqualified to work at the nuclear power plant, Homer is sent back to college to take a course in nuclear physics.
    5. (1F03) Marge On The Lam - Marge and Ruth Powers go for a girls' night out and end up on the run from the law a la Thelma And Louise.
    6. (1F04) Treehouse Of Horror IV - Bart introduces another three stories. Homer sells his soul for a donut; Bart is convinced he sees a gremlin on the side of the school bus; Mr. Burns turns out to be a vampire.
    7. (1F05) Bart's Inner Child - Bart becomes the role model for the entire town when feel-good specialist Brad Goodman hails him as the inner child that he has been encouraging everyone to search for.
    8. (1F06) Boy Scoutz N The Hood - While on a sugar-high rampage through Springfield, Bart accidentally signs up to join the Junior Campers. The father-son river rafting trip goes awry when he, Homer, and Ned and Rod Flanders are swept out to sea.
    9. (1F07) The Last Temptation Of Homer - Homer finds himself attracted to a new female co-worker at the power plant, and fate seems to be working against him when he finds out she loves donuts, beer and television as much as he does.
    10. (1F08) $pringfield (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Legalised Gambling) - Springfield's economy begins to deteriorate, so Mayor Quimby legalizes gambling. Mr. Burns opens a casino where Marge quickly develops a gambling problem.
    11. (1F09) Homer The Vigilante - A cat-burglar strikes Springfield, stealing, among other things, Lisa's saxophone. Homer forms a posse of vigilantes with the intention of finding him.
    12. (1F10) Homer And Apu - After giving Homer food-poisoning due to shoddy hygiene at the Kwik-E-Mart, Apu loses his job, and comes to work off his debt to Homer by helping around the house.
    13. (1F11) Bart Gets Famous - After accidentally wrecking a sketch on the Krusty the Klown show, Bart inadvertently becomes a short-lived sensation as The "I Didn't Do It" Kid.
    14. (1F12) Lisa vs. Malibu Stacey - Disgusted by the vacant outpourings of the first talking Malibu Stacey doll, Lisa tracks down the original creator and together they begin work on a new and more intelligent doll, Lisa Lionheart.
    15. (1F13) Deep Space Homer - Plummeting viewer ratings on the most recent Shuttle launches prompt NASA to send an average Joe into space. Homer, of course, is chosen, but quickly endangers the mission.
    16. (1F14) Homer Loves Flanders - Ned Flanders' generosity towards causes Homer to rethink his attitude towards him, and he begins to consider Flanders his best friend, a situation the Flanders family can't handle.
    17. (1F15) Bart Gets An Elephant - Bart wins an elephant in a radio competition, but it soon becomes clear that the family is ill-equipped to look after their new pet, Stampy.
    18. (1F16) Burns' Heir - After a near-death experience, Mr. Burns decides he needs to nominate an heir to his huge fortune, and chooses Bart.
    19. (1F18) Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song - Principal Skinner is fired from Springfield Elementary, and after returning to his old place in the US Army, strikes up a friendship with the unlikeliest of people - Bart.
    20. (1F19) The Boy Who Knew Too Much - Bart finds himself the only witness to an alleged assault by the Mayor's nephew Freddy Quimby on a waiter, but coming forward to testify would mean admitting he bunked off school to be at the party as a witness.
    21. (1F21) Lady Bouvier's Lover - Grampa falls in love with Marge's mother Jacky, but she soon falls for another: Montgomery Burns, who soon proposes to her.
    22. (1F20) Secrets Of A Successful Marriage - Homer begins teaching a class on Secrets Of A Successful Marriage, but for lack of material he ends up revealing personal secrets about his and Marge's relationship, and she throws him out of the house.

  • Season 6, 1994-1995
    1. (1F22) Bart Of Darkness - Bart breaks his leg and is confined to his room over summer. Lisa gives him a telescope to keep him occupied, but Bart becomes isolated and weird, until he witnesses what appears to be Ned Flanders murdering his wife.
    2. (1F17) Lisa's Rival - A new student, Alison, is skipped forward into Lisa's class and proves better than her both at academic work and playing the saxophone. Meanwhile, Homer steals a carload of sugar from an overturned truck and tries to sell it.
    3. (2F33) Another Simpsons Clip Show - Homer and Marge gather the kids to teach them about romance, prompting a series of flashbacks to romantic encounters in old episodes.
    4. (2F01) Itchy & Scratchy Land - The family take a trip to the Itchy & Scratchy Land theme park for their vacation, but things take a turn for the worse when the animatronic Itchy and Scratchy robots go berserk and start attacking tourists.
    5. (2F02) Sideshow Bob Roberts - Sideshow Bob is released from prison and beats Mayor Quimby in the next elections, to become Mayor of Springfield.
    6. (2F03) Treehouse Of Horror V - Homer goes crazy in a parody of The Shining; Homer invents a time-travelling toaster and ends up drastically altering the present; Springfield Elementary school staff begin killing and eating their students.
    7. (2F04) Bart's Girlfriend - Bart falls for Reverend Lovejoy's daughter, Jessica, but it turns out that she is even more amoral than he is, stealing money from the collection plate in church and letting Bart take the fall.
    8. (2F05) Lisa On Ice - Lisa is notified that she is failing gym, so she joins a junior hockey team as a goalkeeper. All is well until she ends up in direct competition with Bart and his hockey team.
    9. (2F06) Homer Bad Man - Feminist protesters make Homer's life impossible when he is wrongfully accused of sexually harassing the grad student babysitter he and Marge left in charge of the kids.
    10. (2F07) Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy - Grampa shows Homer an old love tonic formula which saves his and Marge's waning sex life, but when Homer and Grampa go into business selling the stuff, Grampa confesses that Homer's birth was an accident, which drives the two apart.
    11. (2F08) Fear Of Flying - Marge reveals she has a fear of flying in airplanes stemming from somewhere in her childhood. After her repressed anxiety results in some very strange behaviour, she enters therapy with a psychologist.
    12. (2F09) Homer The Great - Homer succeeds in joining a seemingly all-powerful secret society called the Stonecutters, who discover a birthmark revealing him as their Chosen One.
    13. (2F10) And Maggie Makes Three - Homer tells the story of the birth of Maggie, and how he was forced to give up a dream job at the bowling alley and return to the nuclear plant in order to earn enough money to support his expanded family.
    14. (2F11) Bart's Comet - Bart sights a comet which, it soon becomes apparent, is on a direct collision course with Springfield. A rocket is launched to blow it up, but it misses and instead destroys the only bridge out of town, dooming the townsfolk...
    15. (2F12) Homie The Clown - Homer goes to Clown College and studies to become an official regional Krusty the Klown impersonator, attracting the attention of Fat Tony, to whom the real Krusty has major gambling debts.
    16. (2F13) Bart vs. Australia - A 6-hour collect call overseas ends up with Bart indicted for fraud in Australia. The Simpsons take a journey down under so Bart can apologize formally.
    17. (2F14) Homer vs. Patty & Selma - Unable to make a mortgage payment, Homer goes to Patty and Selma as his last resort for cash.
    18. (2F31) A Star Is Burns - Marge proposes that Springfield host a film festival for which townsfolk can make and enter their own movies.
    19. (2F15) Lisa's Wedding - Lisa is shown a vision of Springfield of the future, in which she falls in love with an Englishman named Hugh Parkfield and almost marries him.
    20. (2F18) Two Dozen And One Greyhounds - Santa's Little Helper hooks up with another greyhound who gives birth to 25 puppies. Mr. Burns steals them, with the intention of turning them into a fur coat.
    21. (2F19) The PTA Disbands - The teachers at Springfield Elementary go on strike due to budget cuts, and Bart and Lisa both start exhibiting strange behaviour until it reopens, with townsfolk acting as substitute teachers.
    22. (2F32) 'Round Springfield - Bart ingests a jagged piece of metal from some Krusty cereal and has to have his appendix removed in hospital. There, Lisa briefly meets Bleeding Gums Murphy again, who suddenly passes away.
    23. (2F21) The Springfield Connection - Marge decides to join the Springfield police force, but finds it hard to be "normal" when she's not on duty.
    24. (2F22) Lemon Of Troy - Shelbyville kids steal Springfield's highly-prized lemon tree, so Bart rounds up a gang to head into Shelbyville and get it back.
    25. (2F16) Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) - Mr. Burns incurs the wrath of the whole town - even Smithers - when he first steals oil from the newly-discovered well under Springfield Elementary, and then blocks out the Sun. Then he is shot by a mystery assailant...

  • Season 7, 1995-1996
    1. (2F20) Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two) - Smithers wakes up with a hangover and believes himself to be responsible for shooting Mr. Burns. Meanwhile, the police find a lot of evidence pointing squarely at Homer...
    2. (2F17) Radioactive Man - Springfield is chosen as the site for the filming of the Radioactive Man movie. Milhouse is cast as Fallout Boy, but soon finds that the job is not as glamorous as he first thought.
    3. (3F01) Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily - A series of coincidences make Homer and Marge appear to be terrible parents. Bart, Lisa and Maggie are taken away to a foster home - the Flanders' - where Maggie begins to forget about her real parents.
    4. (3F02) Bart Sells His Soul - Bart doesn't believe he has a soul, so he sells it to Milhouse for $5. But when animals start fearing him and other strange things start happening, he becomes desperate to get it back.
    5. (3F03) Lisa The Vegetarian - Lisa realises after visiting a petting zoo that she can no longer eat meat with a good conscience.
    6. (3F04) Treehouse Of Horror VI - Gigantic advertising mascots come to life and start terrorising Springfield; Groundskeeper Willie starts murdering the schoolchildren in their dreams; Homer enters the third dimension.
    7. (3F05) King-Size Homer - Homer deliberately puts on weight, pushing him over to 300 pounds so he can be classified as disabled and work from home.
    8. (3F06) Mother Simpson - Homer finally meets his mother again after 25 years, having long thought her to be dead. She was a protester in the sixties, and is still wanted by the law.
    9. (3F08) Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming - Sideshow Bob takes over an air base and threatens to detonate a nuclear device unless all television in Springfield ceases.
    10. (3F31) The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular - Troy McClure hosts a selection of deleted scenes, original Simpsons shorts from The Tracey Ullman Show, and answered fan letters.
    11. (3F07) Marge Be Not Proud - Bart gets caught shoplifting a videogame at Christmas, and worries that he has lost the love of his mother.
    12. (3F09) Two Bad Neighbors - George Bush senior and his wife move in over the road from the Simpsons. After Bart makes a nuisance of himself and George spanks him, Homer and George start an escalating feud.
    13. (3F10) Team Homer - Homer forms a bowling team with Apu, Moe and Mr. Burns, who forces his way onto the team and whose ineptitude threatens to lose them the league trophy. Meanwhile a school uniform is instituted at Springfield Elementary.
    14. (3F11) Scenes From The Class Struggle In Springfield - Marge stumbles on a cheap Chanel suit which gains her ranks in the social ladder, and gives the family the prospect of joining a country club for rich people.
    15. (3F12) Bart The Fink - Bart accidentally reveals Krusty as a huge tax cheat. Krusty is busted by the IRS and loses everything he has.
    16. (3F13) Lisa The Iconoclast - During the town's bicentennial celebrations, Lisa uncovers evidence that Jebediah Springfield was a fraud, and originally a vicious pirate.
    17. (3F14) Homer The Smithers - Smithers takes a vacation and appoints Homer as his stand-in, so that he won't be outdone. Homer rapidly begins to crack under the stress of Smithers' job.
    18. (3F15) A Fish Called Selma - Washed-up movie star Troy McClure goes on a date with Selma Bouvier, and discovers that continuing dating can help him re-ignite his career.
    19. (3F16) The Day The Violence Died - Bart meets a bum named Chester J. Lampwick, who claims to have originally created Itchy & Scratchy long before Roger Meyers Snr.
    20. (3F17) Bart On The Road - With Bart's fake driving license and Martin's cash, they, Milhouse and Nelson decide to spend spring break by renting a car and going on a road trip.
    21. (3F18) 22 Short Films About Springfield - A collection of short loosely related anecdotes about the misadventures of the inhabitants of Springfield.
    22. (3F19) Raging Abe Simpson And His Grumbling Grandson In "The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish" - Grampa and Mr. Burns, who fought together as the Flying Hellfish in WW2, vie for the hoard of Nazi treasure that they buried fifty years ago.
    23. (3F20) Much Apu About Nothing - A new law is to be passed in Springfield which will result in the deportation of illegal immigrants. Discovering Apu is among the illegal immigrants, the Simpsons try to figure out a way to make Apu a citizen.
    24. (3F21) Homerpalooza - Homer goes on tour with rock festival Hullabalooza as part of a freak show, but discovers towards the end of the tour that his act is threatening his life.
    25. (3F22) Summer Of 4 Ft. 2 - On the family's vacation to a small beach town, Lisa decides to reinvent herself in order to fit in and make friends.

  • Season 8, 1996-1997
    1. (4F02) Treehouse Of Horror VII - Bart and Lisa discover Bart's evil twin, Hugo; Lisa creates a tiny civilisation in a tub; Kang and Kodos take over the bodies of Bill Clinton and Bob Dole for the 1996 elections.
    2. (3F23) You Only Move Twice - The family moves to Cypress Creek so that Homer can take a new job working for Hank Scorpio, a supervillain bent on world domination.
    3. (4F03) The Homer They Fall - Dr. Hibbert discovers Homer has a thin layer of fluid around his brain allowing him to take blows to the head which would flatten ordinary people. Acting as his manager, Moe turns Homer into a successful boxer.
    4. (4F05) Burns, Baby Burns - A man named Larry turns out to Mr. Burns' long-lost son. Larry is given a job at the power plant where he quickly hits it off with Homer, but even a faked kidnapping orchestrated by Homer cannot make Mr. Burns love him.
    5. (4F06) Bart After Dark - The townsfolk of Springfield threaten to burn down a burlesque house called the Maison Derriere, when they find out that Bart has been working there.
    6. (4F04) A Milhouse Divided - Luann van Houten divorces her husband Kirk at a dinner party hosted by Marge. Homer consoles Kirk, but suddenly realises that his marriage may be in the same kind of trouble.
    7. (4F01) Lisa's Date With Density - Lisa finds herself unnacountably attracted to Nelson Muntz. Meanwhile, Homer gets hold of a used auto-dialer and uses it to infuriate the townsfolk with a telemarketing scam.
    8. (4F07) Hurricane Neddy - A hurricane hits Springfield and destroys Ned Flander's house. He responds by releasing years of pent-up anger on the townsfolk, and then calmly commits himself to a mental institution where he learns to deal with his anger properly.
    9. (3F24) El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer - After ingesting some dangerously strong chili peppers, Homer embarks on a spiritual journey to find his soulmate - whom he now believes may not necessarily be Marge.
    10. (3G01) The Springfield Files - Homer attracts the attention of all of Springfield, Leonard Nimoy and FBI agents Mulder and Scully when he claims to have seen an alien in the forest one Friday night on the way home from the bar.
    11. (4F08) The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson - Marge is muscled out the pretzel-selling business by the competing Fleet-A-Pita franchise. Determined to help his wife, Homer enlists local mobster Fat Tony.
    12. (4F10) Mountain Of Madness - The power plant staff take a teamworking trip into the mountains, where they are paired up and assigned to find a certain cabin. Homer is paired with Mr. Burns, and they cheat their way to the goal, only to end up buried in an avalanche.
    13. (3G03) Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious - Marge begins to lose her hair due to stress. The Simpsons hire a nanny named Shary Bobbins, but the family may prove too much even for her.
    14. (4F12) The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show - As the Itchy & Scratchy formula has become stale, the company introduces a new character named Poochie, casting Homer as the voice.
    15. (4F11) Homer's Phobia - Homer is shocked to discover that the family's latest acquaintance, John, is gay. Paranoid that Bart is being affected, he takes Bart on a "manly" hunting trip.
    16. (4F14) Brother From Another Series - A newly reformed Sideshow Bob is released from prison so he can work for his brother Cecil on the new Springfield Dam, only to discover that Cecil plans to blow up the dam and frame him for it.
    17. (4F13) My Sister, My Sitter - Because she is responsible and trustworthy, Lisa starts earning money working as a babysitter. But when Marge and Homer go for a high-class night out and leave her in charge of Bart, he makes her life a living hell.
    18. (4F15) Homer vs. The Eighteenth Amendment - After Bart gets drunk at the St. Patrick's Day parade, Springfield brings back prohibition.
    19. (4F09) Grade School Confidential - Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krapabbel fall in love. Bart is the only witness to their first kiss and eventually goes public with it, resulting in both Skinner and Krabappel getting fired.
    20. (4F16) The Canine Mutiny - Bart buys a wonder-dog named Lassie with a credit card he acquired using an assumed name. When the repo men inevitably come, he lets them take away Santa's Little Helper instead, but soon begins to regret his decision.
    21. (4F17) The Old Man And The Lisa - Mr. Burns goes bankrupt and ends up living in the retirement home. When he meets Lisa who is collecting rubbish to recycle, he realises that recycling is his way back to the top and she grudgingly decides to help him.
    22. (4F18) In Marge We Trust - Discovering that Reverend Lovejoy has lost his enthusiasm for the job, Marge starts helping out people who come to the church for help, calling herself the Listen Lady.
    23. (4F19) Homer's Enemy - A new power plant employee named Frank Grimes, who has struggled all his life to get by, takes an instant dislike to Homer, who hasn't worked a day in his life.
    24. (4F20) The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase - Troy McClure hosts a trio of Simpsons spinoff shows. Chief Wiggum sets up shop as a private investigator; Grampa starts haunting Moe's Love Tester machine; and the indescribable "Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour".
    25. (4F21) The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson - A hugely destructive prank sees Bart forcibly enrolled in military school, and Lisa signs up as well. But while Bart manages to settle in, Lisa, being the first and only female cadet, is tormented by the other cadets.

  • Season 9, 1997-1998
    1. (4F22) The City Of New York vs. Homer Simpson - After Barney illegally parks Homer's car between the Twin Towers, the Simpsons head to New York City to retrieve it.
    2. (4F23) The Principal And The Pauper - At a party celebrating 20 years of Principal Skinner being Principal, a man shows up claiming to be the real Seymour Skinner.
    3. (3G02) Lisa's Sax - When Lisa's sax is flattened by accident, Homer tells the story of how she first got it, at the age of three.
    4. (5F02) Treehouse Of Horror VIII - Homer finds himself to be the only survivor of a neutron bomb which hit Springfield; Bart swaps his head with that of a fly; 17th century "Sprynge-fielde" accuses Marge of witchcraft.
    5. (5F01) The Cartridge Family - After a soccer riot, Homer buys a gun to protect his family. Marge is terrified and tries to get him to give it up, but when he refuses she leaves the house and takes the kids with her.
    6. (5F03) Bart Star - Homer appoints Bart as the quarterback of Springfield's pee-wee football team and gives him favouritist treatment, even though Nelson is the team's star player.
    7. (5F04) The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons - Just as Apu is beginning to enjoy his bachelor life, he is told that he is to have his arranged marriage. Desperate to get out of it, he lets Homer persuade him to pretend he is already married - to Marge.
    8. (5F05) Lisa The Skeptic - Lisa unearths what seems to be the skeleton of an angel at an archaeological dig, and she seems to be the only person in Springfield who is skeptical of its genuineness.
    9. (5F06) Realty Bites - Marge takes a job as a real estate agent but her honesty means she never makes a single sale. Meanwhile Homer buys Snake's hot-rod convertible at a police auction, and Snake schemes to get it back.
    10. (5F07) Miracle On Evergreen Terrace - Bart accidentally burns up all of the family's Christmas presents and hides the evidence, claiming it was a burglar who took them.
    11. (5F24) All Singing, All Dancing - Another clip show, this time with a musical theme, as the family recalls the songs of past episodes.
    12. (5F08) Bart Carny - Homer and Bart join the carnival as carnies, and take over the (crooked) ring toss game for the owners, Cooder and Spud, just in time for Chief Wiggum to tow it away. The carnies respond by squatting in the Simpsons' house.
    13. (5F23) The Joy Of Sect - Homer signs up the whole family to join a cult called the Movementarians. Marge is the only one who resists the cult's brainwashing for long enough to escape, so that she can rescue and deprogram her family.
    14. (5F11) Das Bus - Bart, Milhouse and a slew of other Springfield Elementary kids end up stranded on a tropical island. Meanwhile, Homer starts up an internet business.
    15. (5F10) The Last Temptation Of Krust - Krusty realises his material is getting old and stale, so he tries to improve his act by taking advice from other stand-up comedians.
    16. (5F12) Dumbbell Indemnity - Moe runs out of cash lavishing attention on his new girlfriend Renee, so he recruits Homer to steal his car so he can cash in on the insurance. But Homer botches the theft and ends up in jail.
    17. (4F24) Lisa The Simpson - When her grades begin slipping, Lisa is told by Grampa that she has the "Simpson gene", which will soon make her as dumb as Homer and Bart for the rest of her life.
    18. (5F13) This Little Wiggy - Bart becomes "friends" with Ralph Wiggum when he realises Ralph's father, Chief Wiggum, has a master key which can open every door in Springfield.
    19. (3G04) Simpson Tide - Homer joins the Naval Reserve, and after accidentally firing the captain out of a torpedo tube, finds himself in charge of a nuclear sub.
    20. (5F14) The Trouble With Trillions - After failing to get his taxes done on time and being subject to a serious audit, Homer is arrested by the FBI. To repay his debt he agrees to help them with their investigation into Mr. Burns' theft of a trillion-dollar bill.
    21. (5F15) Girly Edition - Lisa becomes host of a childrens' educational program but Bart quickly upstages her with fluffy human interest stories. Meanwhile Homer gets himself a "helper monkey" - usually only given to the disabled.
    22. (5F09) Trash Of The Titans - After falling out with his garbage collectors, Homer successfully runs for sanitation commissioner by making a lot of ridiculous promises.
    23. (5F16) King Of The Hill - In an effort to persuade Bart that he is a hero, Homer, with the aid of Powersauce bars and a new fitness regime, attempts to climb the tallest mountain in Springfield, the Murderhorn.
    24. (5F17) Lost Our Lisa - Because Bart has to be rushed to the doctor, Lisa has nobody to take her to the last day of an Egyptian exhibit at the local museum. Instead she takes a bus on her own, ending up lost on the outskirts of Springfield.
    25. (5F18) Natural Born Kissers - Marge and Homer realise that the spark has gone out of their sex life, but also that the risk of being caught turns them on... with sexy results.

  • Season 10, 1998-1999
    1. (5F20) Lard Of The Dance - Lisa's class is joined by a new girl named Alex, who has a cellphone, wears perfume and generally acts all grown-up. Meanwhile Homer realises there is money to be had selling grease.
    2. (5F21) The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace - Homer decides to become an inventor, just like Thomas Edison, whom he begins to idolize.
    3. (5F22) Bart The Mother - Bart is stricken with guilt when he shoots a bird with a BB gun. Discovering that the bird has eggs he decides to incubate them until they hatch.
    4. (AABF01) Treehouse Of Horror IX - A hair transplant from Snake causes Homer to start killing people; Bart and Lisa use a plutonium TV remote to get beamed inside an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon; Maggie turns out to be an alien, fathered by Kang.
    5. (5F19) When You Dish Upon A Star - Homer parasails into the home of Kim Basinger, Ron Howard and Alec Baldwin, who secretly live in Springfield. They employ him to run errands so they can keep their presence a secret.
    6. (AABF02) D'oh-in In The Wind - Homer sets out to find his middle name, and when he discovers a mural his mother painted during her hippie days, he decides to become a hippy himself.
    7. (AABF03) Lisa Gets An "A" - Lisa skips reading a book for class due to illness and a videogaming addiction, and instead cheats her way to an ill-gotten A+++. Meanwhile Homer raises a baby lobster.
    8. (AABF04) Homer Simpson In: "Kidney Trouble" - After Grampa's kidneys explode, Homer is the only available donor, but he becomes worried about the surgery and runs away from the hospital.
    9. (AABF05) Mayored To The Mob - After defending Mayor Quimby and Mark Hamill from a mob of sci-fi fanatics, Homer takes on the job of mayoral bodyguard.
    10. (AABF06) Viva Ned Flanders - Ned Flanders realises that at the age of sixty he has become dull and predictable. He enlists Homer to show him how to have fun. Homer takes him to Las Vegas where they end up married to a pair of cocktail waitresses.
    11. (AABF07) Wild Barts Can't Be Broken - Homer and his buddies drunkenly trash the elementary school, and kids are blamed. A curfew is imposed requiring all children to stay inside after dark.
    12. (AABF08) Sunday, Cruddy Sunday - Homer rounds up a group of Springfieldianites to take a cheap trip the Superbowl, but when the tickets turn out to be fake, they have to find another way to see the game.
    13. (AABF09) Homer To The Max - Homer finds that a moronic cop show character shares his name, and changes his to Max Power. He quickly becomes part of Springfield's cultural elite but falls out with them after accidentally destroying a redwood forest they were trying to protect.
    14. (AABF11) I'm With Cupid - Apu makes all the wives in Springfield envious and overshadows all the husbands by lavishing his wife Manjula with progressively more elaborate gifts in the week leading up to Valentine's Day.
    15. (AABF10) Marge Simpson In: "Screaming Yellow Honkers" - Homer buys an SUV, but when he realises it is traditionally a woman's car, he turns it over to Marge. She quickly starts driving aggressively and eventually has her license revoked for road rage.
    16. (AABF12) Make Room For Lisa - After Homer lets a cellphone company base a telecommunications tower in Lisa's room, Lisa feels unloved. To make it up to her, Homer agrees to a session in a sensory deprivation tank.
    17. (AABF13) Maximum Homerdrive - Homer loses an eating contest to a trucker named Red Barclay, but when Barclay dies of food poisoning, he takes over the truck delivery, vowing to get it to its destination on time.
    18. (AABF14) Simpsons Bible Stories - During a dull Sunday sermon, the Simpsons fall asleep and dream about Bible stories: Marge dreams about Adam & Eve, Lisa of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, Homer of King Solomon's wisdom and Bart of David vs. Goliath II.
    19. (AABF15) Mom And Pop Art - Marge's lifelong dream comes true - for Homer - when his failed attempt to build a barbeque pit becomes an acclaimed work of outsider art.
    20. (AABF16) The Old Man And The "C" Student - After costing Springfield their chance of hosting the Olympics, Bart is sentenced to community service alongside Lisa at the old folks' home.
    21. (AABF17) Monty Can't Buy Me Love - Lamenting that he is horribly unpopular compared with fellow billionaire Arthur Fortune, Mr. Burns recruits Homer to help him be loved.
    22. (AABF18) They Saved Lisa's Brain - After a "How low can you go?" contest descends into a riot, Lisa's indignant letter to the local newspaper prompts the local MENSA members to ask her to join.
    23. (AABF20) Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo - The Simpsons take a cheap family vacation to Japan, where they lose all their money and find themselves stranded.

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