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M*A*S*H - First Season - 1972 to 1973

Regular cast:

All first season shows produced by Gene Reynolds.

M*A*S*H Pilot Episode

Young doctors in an Army mobile hospital in Korea alternate saving lives with hours of some notable hijinks.

Guest cast: Karen Phillip, Timothy Brown, Patrick Adiarte, John Orchard, Linda Meiklejohn, Laura Miller, Odessa Cleveland, G. Wood, George Morgan, B. Kirby Jr.

Written by: Larry Gelbart

Gene Reynolds

Henry - Please Come Home

When the 4077th C.O. is transferred to administrative work in Tokyo, Hawkeye and friends launch a wild campaign to get him back.

Guest cast: G. Wood, John Orchard, Patrick Adiarte, Timothy Brown.

Written by: Laurence Marks

Directed by: William Wiard

To Market, To Market

When black marketeers hijack the hospital's supply of hydrocortisone, Hawkeye and Trapper bamboozle their leader to get it back.

Guest cast: G. Wood, Robert Ito, Odessa Cleveland, Jack Soo, Beulah Quo, John C. Johnson.

Written by: Burt Styler

Directed by: Michael O'Herlihy

Germ Warfare

Hawkeye borrows a pint of Frank's blood, then suspects him of hepatitis and works frantically to keep him away from everyone.

Guest cast: Timothy Brown, Robert Gooden, Patrick Adiarte, Karen Phillip, Byron Chung, Odessa Cleveland.

Written by: Larry Gelbart

Directed by: Terry Becker

The Moose

When a sergeant turns up with a Korean girl he's bought, the young medics spring into action to save her from slavery.

Guest cast: Timothy Brown, John Orchard, Paul Jenkins, Patrick Adiarte, Linda Meiklejohn, Virginia Lee.

Written by: Laurence Marks

Directed by: Hy Averback

I Hate A Mystery

In an epidemic of stealing, Hawkeye becomes the chief suspect, but he elects himself the detective and solves the crimes.

Guest cast: Timothy Brown, Linda Meiklejohn, Odessa Cleveland, Patrick Adiarte, William Christopher, Bonnie Jones.

Written by: Hal Dresener

Directed by: Hy Averback

Chief Surgeon Who?

When Hawkeye is appointed chief surgeon, Frank complains, and a general comes and declares the place a nut farm and Hawkeye a genius.

Guest cast: Timothy Brown, Odessa Cleveland, Bob Gooden, Jamie Farr, Linda Meiklejohn, John Orchard, Sorrell Booke, Jack Riley.

Written by: Larry Gelbart

Directed by: E.W. Swackhamer

Requiem For A Lightweight

Trapper, coached by Hawkeye, enters the inter-camp boxing tournament on a deal to save a beautous nurse from being transferred.

Guest cast: John Orchard, Marcia Strassman, Sorrell Booke, William Christopher.

Written by: Bob Klane

Directed by: Hy Averback


When Henry refuses to let a wounded helicopter pilot, Cowboy, go home, things around headquarters begin quite literally popping.

Guest cast: Billy Green Bush, Alicia Bond, John Orchard, William Christopher, Patrick Adiarte.

Written by: Bob Klane

Directed by: Don Weis

Yankee Doodle Doctor

When a brigadier general has a film made on the work of M*A*S*H, the surgeons at the 4077 don't like it and make their own film.

Guest cast: Ed Flanders, Bert Kramer, Herb Voland, Marcia Strassman.

Written by: Laurence Marks

Directed by: Lee Phillips

Bananas, Crackers, And Nuts (After Me, The Deluge)

when Hawkeye is denied an R&R pass he feels he needs, he evolves a wild case history for an Army psychiatrist to study.

Guest cast: Stuart Margolin

Written by: Burt Styler

Directed by: Bruce Bilson


When a robust nurse is lonely and sad, the other nurses go to some extremes to find a boyfriend for her.

Guest cast: Arlene Golonka, Linda Meiklejohn, Marcia Strassman.

Written by: Hal Dresner

Directed by: James Sheldon

Dear Dad

Hawkeye writes to his dad describing Christmas antics, followed by him, dressed as Santa, flying to a battlefield emergency.

Guest cast: Odessa Cleveland, Jamie Farr, Lizabeth Deen, Bonnie Jones, Gary Van Orman.

Written by: Larry Gelbart

Directed by: Gene Reynolds

Love Story

Radar gets a "Dear John" letter on a record and the doctors try to come to his assistance with a new girl.

Guest cast: Marcia Strassman, Kelly Jean Peters, Indira Danks, Barbara Brownwell, Jerry Harper, Linda Meiklejohn.

Written by: Laurence Marks

Directed by: Earl Bellamy


Hawkeye and Trapper, with an assist from Radar, make up a fictitious captain in order to donate his salary to an orphanage.

Guest cast: Herb Voland, William Christopher, Mary-Robin Redd, Dennis Simple, Jim Sikking.

Written by: Bruce Shelley and David Ketchum

Directed by: William Wiard

The Ringbanger

Hawkeye, Trapper and Radar conspire to retire a colonel stateside for his record of too many casualities in battle.

Guest cast: Leslie Nielsen, Linda Meiklejohn.

Written by: Jerry Mayer

Directed by: Jackie Cooper

Dear Dad...Again

Another letter by Hawkeye to Dad tells of camp capers, a correspondence course for Radar, and a cooling between Frank and Hot Lips.

Guest cast: Odessa Cleveland, Jamie Farr, Alex Henteloff, Laura Miller, Gail Bowman.

Written by: Sheldon Keller and Larry Gelbart

Directed by: Jackie Cooper

Sometimes You Hear The Bullet

Frank throws his back out and applies for a Purple Heart, while Hawkeye weeps for a dead friend and sends an underage boy home.

Guest cast: James Callahan, Ronny Howard, Lynette Mettey.

Written by: Carl Kleinschmitt

William Wiard

The Longjohn Flap

During a cold snap, a pair of longjohns sent to Hawkeye becomes more valuable and negotiable than coin of the realm.

Guest cast: Jamie Farr, Kathleen King.

Written by: Alan Alda

Directed by: William Wiard

Major Fred C. Dobbs

When Frank threatens to leave, Hawkeye and Trapper find it means double duty for them and invent a way to make him stay.

Guest cast: Harvey J. Goldenberg, Odessa Cleveland.

Written by: Sid Dorfman

Directed by: Don Weis

Sticky Wicket

After a bad session in the O.R., Hawkeye quarrels with Frank over his inadequacies, then finds one of his own patients sinking.

Guest cast: John Orchard, Lynette Mettey, Wayne Bryan.

Written by: Laurence Marks and Larry Gelbart

Directed by: Don Weis

Story by: Richard Baer

The Army-Navy Game

The 4077th settles down to listen to the Army-Navy game when they're bombarded and left with an unexploded bomb to defuse.

Guest cast: John Orchard, Jamie Farr, Alan Manson.

Written by: Sid Dorfman

Directed by: Gene Reynolds

Story by: McLean Stevenson


Word of a ceasefire precipitates what proves to be premature plans for abandoning friends, lovers, and the camp itself...

Guest cast: Herb Voland, Jamie Farr, Patrick Adiarte.

Written by: Laurence Marks and Larry Gelbart

Directed by: Earl Bellamy

Story by: Larry Gelbart


While an entertainer does a show from an improvised stage in the M*A*S*H compound, the comedy and drama of the doctors' lives go on.

Guest cast: John Orchard, Joey Forman, Harvey Goldenberg, Stanley Clay, Sheila Lauritsen, Oksun Kim.

Written by: Robert Klane and Larry Gelbart

Directed by: Jackie Cooper

Story by: Larry Gelbart

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