The Softlink Game 2.0

It has become evident that The Softlink Game, which is fun at the first few levels of E2, may not be challenging enough at higher levels. With valuable assistance from Nemosyn, I present the next level for those who have mastered the original TSG to the point that it is too easy.

To play TSG 2.0

    Open a new tab of E2 and click "Random Node" (in the Epicenter nodelet). This is your start node.

    Now open another new E2 tab and click "Random Node" once again. This is your destination node.

    Using only the softlinks, find your way from start node to destination node.

    Goal: To get from start node to destination node in six clicks or less

    Hint: In this version, feel free to use the {chaos} link at the upper right corner of the softlink box to open all of the associated softlinks.

Caveat: As with the original, a Random Node with no softlinks or a Webster 1913 definition may be discarded and another Random Node drawn, until one gets to a "real" node.

Extra credit for actually reading and voting on the nodes you encounter while playing The Softlink Game 2.0

We cannot guarantee that playing this will make you a better writer. We do firmly believe it will improve visualizing and internalizing the nodegel.

Maevwyn says re December 19, 2020: Re TSG2: I play a variant of this sometimes, where instead of typing whatever I'm looking for in the search box, I examine the front page for something that looks like it might lead in the right direction, and see how long it takes me to get to the node I wanted.

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