The Sounds are a Swedish new wave band. Unlike the recent wave of Nordic bands, they're delightfully unpretentious and fun. Their (uh) sound, is new wave (lots of synthesizers, but minus the reverbed drums, silly haircuts and seriousness), with just a hint of early punk. Rock music you can dance to.

Their lead singer, Maja Ivarsson, is know for her energetic stage presence, and her legions of teenage look-alikes, who appear in the front rows of all their shows. She can sing like you wouldn't believe, too.

Popular for some time in Sweden, they're beginning to catch on in The States, recently touring with Rooney and The Strokes.

Maja Ivarsson, vocals
Felix Rodriguez, guitars
Johan Bengtsson, bass
Jesper Anderberg, syntheseizers
Fredrik Nilsson, drums

Fire (single), 2002
Living in America (Single), 2002
Living in America, 2002
Seven Days a Week (single), 2003

Oh, Maja Ivarsson is unbelievably hot.

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