There once was a princess.. she lived in a kingdom far far away. She had a castle.. with a big wall around it. She didn't let many behind the wall, and she let no one in the castle. She often sat up on top of the wall, peering out over the land. She would yell things to those on the outside at times, and just liked to observe. When she wasn't on the wall, she just stayed in her castle and read, and wrote about what she had experienced in life. She wasnt waiting for a knight in shining armor to rescue her. She didnt need to be rescued. She felt that the concept of being rescued by some knight was silly.

You see.. she had "lived and loved", travelled to other kingdoms, met a boy.. had a torrid romance.. and everything else has paled in comparison to what she had already experienced. She felt that she had "done that".. and now was the time to reflect and move onto new experiences but that this was the time where those experiences had to be alone.

One day she was sitting on her wall, and someone wandered in the gate. She called to the young rouge, "Who are you, do i know you, why are you here?" he seemed interesting.. so she figured to find out a little about him.. maybe get to see his perspective .. it couldnt hurt.

The more she talked to him.. the more she realized how wrong she had been.

She realized that in her castle, and behind her wall.. she was really lonely, so lonely she had been refusing to admit it to herself. She forgot what it was like to have someone to just look forward to saying hello to every day, someone who she valued so highly. She forgot how good it felt to see a smile from someone so amazing. She didn't remember what it was like have such respect and adoration for someone she cared so much about. She had pushed the possibility of getting close to someone who she couldn't predict, the transition from stranger to confidant was something she had shielded herself from. She had always felt alive.. feeling is the key word, but she forgot how alive she could feel.

The princessshe had a special room in her castle. This room is filled with all the things she values and the lessons she has learned. Some of the things are quite pleasent.. others are quite ugly, but they are importent to her. She hasn't ever let anyone into this room.

Partly because she was scared no one would care to, partly because she was scared that someone would rape and pillage the room.. but she wants to invite this man into the room. She wants to share all that she is, and has with him. Although she's scared he might be horrified with what he finds. She doesn't want to overwhelm him. He could flee, he could hurt her, he could care less. She knows that these fears in a way don't give the man enough credit, but the fears still call to her. He is so importent to her, which makes her even more scared.. his value to her makes this even more of a gamble. With all of this, she knows his worth, and what she wants to share with him is worth the risk, so she sends the invitation anyway.

He accepts, then askes for a map. One doesn't exist, but she offers to be his personal guide to her world.

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