Lips touching lips
fingers brushing fingers
arms entwining arms
breasts almost touching
naked hips almost level

come on, touch me there
touch my nipples
I can tell
how good you will feel
on my skin

I'm warm with desire
as you kiss me again
that teasing, gentle kiss
part my lips and insert
the tip of your tongue
darting inside my mouth

You bend down and take
my nipple into your mouth
suck and release
molding me
into a compliant pussy for you

I lean into your mouth
and am so close to coming
I buck and writhe
helpless in your hands
almost embarrassed -
not really

slide your hand
between my legs
rolling your fingers through curls
til you feel the slick wetness
some one moans with delight
your fingers graze through
you take your hand back
suckin on your fingers
the sweetest nectar

I kiss you back
hard open mouth
and you moan with pleasure
my tongue slides into your mouth
taking possession of your cunt
by proxy
slide my tongue across your mouth
so you know what's coming for you

your hand back on my cunt
sliding between labia
hard and wet
only touching my clitoris
as an afterthought
but I come easy
and the bridge is already crossed
I shudder into your hand
and hold your shoulders for support
as I orgasm

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