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Three Chieftains of Arthur's Court1

  • Gobrwy son of Echel Mighty-Thigh,
  • Cadr(i)eth ('Fine-Speech') son of Porthawr Gadw,
  • and Fleudur Fflam ('Flame').

1. This is the only early triad which uses "Llys Arthur"--"the court of Arthur"--in place of "Ynys Prydein"--the Isle of Britain. Elsewhere, prominance is given to all the island, and not simply to Arthur's reign.

Echel Mighty-Thigh is Achilles. However, there has been some confluence between the Greek Achilles and the Welsh Bran, who was wounded in the thigh. Bran later becomes Brons the Fisher King.

Fleudur Fflam--elsewhere spelled Fflewdwr Fflam--is the origin of Fflewdur Fflam, the comic bard-king of Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles, much as the name Gurgi is derived from the historical Gwrgi, brother/cousin of Peredur. The historical Fleudur is said to have been a fierce warrior, however, and is listed among Arthur's men in Culhwch ac Olwen.

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