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Three Well-Endowed Men of the Island of Britain:
  • Gwalchmai son of Gwyar,
  • and Llachau son of Arthur,
  • and Rhiwallawn Broom-Hair.

OK--"well endowed" probably doesn't mean what you think it means here, though from what I've read about Gwalchmai ap Gwyar (aka Sir Gawain), I wouldn't be surprised. The word used is "deifnyawc," which scholars believe may here mean "qualified by descent to rule". As Gwalchmai is the nephew of King Arthur, and Llachau is Arthur's son, that would make sense.

Llachau ap Arthur is thought to have been killed either in battle or by a jealous Cei (aka Sir Kay), as based on the Alliterative Mort Arthur.

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