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Revolutions, revolutions is a track by one-man synthesizer infantry division Jean-Michel Jarre. It's been famously performed in Paris at Place de la Concorde with a full orchestra and solo vocalist.

Solo vocalist? Yep. One of the distinctive features of "Revolutions, revolutions" is the middle-eastern singer against the background of techno-dystopia and cryptic, if predictable, lyrics sung by Jarre into a vocoder.

The Jarre lyrics of "Revolutions, revolutions" follow a pattern.

Not human.
No freedom.
No change.

No employment
No choice
No future

The underlying theme here is that, whatever comes to pass, revolution is a given, a constant, an ineffable feature of life.

The second underlying theme is given the middle eastern-type orchestration and singer. The lyrics sang by the soloist singer aren't really comprehensible, and the most interesting accidental result of this is the visual expression of distrust by the soloist singer when, at Place de la Concorde, his soulful vocalizing is interrupted by Jarre and his vocoder going suddenly "Revolution".

This second musical feature shows a theme of culture clash under globalization. And, sure enough, revolutions are scary and distrusted in traditional society. Of course, on the other hand, (counter-)revolutions come from the inside of traditional societies. And this is again because, tradition or no tradition, revolution, constant change, cascading breakdowns of tradition will come to pass. Choice or no choice.

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