Arpeggiator chop an octave, mellow temporal.

Anachronistic lyceum synth vamp. Tie up and jack the saccharine, this is a night. 

Fade-in: left channel one hundred twenty # per minute throb. Permeation flange click (clock response)

Discombobulate throbbing pitch parameter, drop connection. Steady to not fuck up the time.

C:> phase/decay TI circutboard: solder melting up the floor: rotary

Flip to mix: right... right

Ancillary twee Cassiopeia celeste; glossy hard disk plastic turns malleable under gaslit operation. Snowbirds languid, hummingbird harps.

Grace is a reflection in gold-leaf mirrored tabletops, mahogany lacquer-ish swizzles to twist petrol ivory

Hyperreal parabolic pattern interfaced spatial, alto. Keep tempo.

Second story ice-box consciousness hovers amidst burgundy powder-flare viscera

Chalky turquoise versus chalky teal. Bathe as you swing from day-glo habit-rails and yellowed flickering fluorescent tubes.

Glass-eyed projection tweaking gate, metronome-signature on a darkening fate

Fall under a guttural stained-glass confluence. Fit a preternatural canned groove to suit us.

Furrowed salty brow dawns catatonic drops

 C:> overheating quad-elemental coagulation (scorched cornea catching suns like butterflies)

: surge. cease operation :



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