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The Trashmen are a rock band from Minnesota, best known for the novelty hit Surfin' Bird. They were made up of Tony Andraeson and Dan Winslow on guitar, Bob Reed on bass, and Steve Wahrer on drums and vocals. Primarily a surf rock band, they were unfairly branded a novelty act after Surfin' Bird hit the Top 10 in 1964

Surfin' Bird was created by Wahrer by combining The Rivingtons' songs The Bird's the Word and Pa Pa Ooh Mow Mow, plus by adding additional vocals and rhythm. The song was a staple of the Dr. Demento radio show.

After disbanding in 1968, they reformed in the mid 1980's and continued to tour until Wahrer's death.

You can learn more about The Trashmen by visiting their section on the excellent www.history-of-rock.com.

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