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One of the four Jack T. Chick Tracts dealing with Halloween, this religious tract shows the true origin and purpose of the holiday. The sacrifice of young children in the name of the most holy and glorious father Satan. Yep.

As with most such tracts, the mentally ill Jack Chick uses scare tactics and death warnings with no basis in reality whatsoever in order to prevent kids from having harmless, if pagan, fun. In Dark Dungeons, we learned that we shouldn't play RPGs because our friends might have a weak character that dies, causing them to hang themselves out of guilt. In The Trick, similarly, we learn that we shouldn't go Trick or Treating because our candy could be injected with poison or could carry razor blades implanted in them by the local ring of Satan worshippers. You see, the holiday was started as an ancient Druid custom based on performing human sacrifices on Halloween night. As it says in the tract, "Halloween was carefully planned by Satan to accomplish many things." Every pin and needle found in a piece of candy is a carefully planned sacrifice to Satan. And the children who celebrate this holiday aren't doing it to have fun or get free crap, they are under the influence of Satan, as witches "make elaborate incantations calling forth demonic powers to attack those little ones," to gain control of their minds and force them to go on their yearly rounds. I'm not making this up.

Like Dark Dungeons and Angels?, this absurd tract has been discontinued, though Boo!, Happy Halloween, and The Little Princess are still around for you trick-or-treating evangelists out there. As with all Chick Tracts, you can read this at www.chick.com.

Happy Halloween!

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