Happy Halloween is a Jack T Chick set (of course) around Halloween, although unlike some of his other comics it does not deal with the traditions satanic origins and instead just goes straight for the "repent or burn" angle with a small Halloween twist.

I happened upon it when I inputted "Where does trick or treating come from?" Into a search engine and came across a site by a Christian Mom detailing how to cope with the Evil Associations of October 31st. Her solution? Hand out Chick tracts with the candy! Among the suggested tracts were The Trick (Which kind of answered my original question) and this one.

Plot: First we see three kids about to go into go into a haunted house, (the dialogue here and throughout the strip is awful even by Chick standards, Jack seems to be phoning in this one.)

"There it is!
"Lets do it!"
"My mom said not to."
"Come on, chicken!
"Yuk...spider webs!"
"I DONT like this!"
"I was NEVER so scared!"
"Look...its a witch!"
"She doesn’t scare me!"
"Happy Halloween!
(A trap door opens)
They fall into a scene of hell where a puppet devil tells them to stay for ETERNITY (The capitals are Jack's) Terrified, they run out screaming...and one of them runs straight into an oncoming car.

(The Devil puppet thing in the house threw me, I thought the twist was going to be that it was a hell house and the kids were going to come out scared straight into loving Jesus. But no, they just run out and die.)

Cut to little Timmy in Hell, where he is greeted by the real devil (It seems the puppeteers in the haunted house got a striking resemblance) who informs him he will be staying there for ETERNITY (Capitals are Jack's).

We then see the kids and mom, "If we had listened to you Mom Timmy wouldn’t be dead!" (Let that be a lesson kids, don’t ignore your Mom and go into haunted houses because you might get scared and run out of the house into a speeding car.)

"At least he's in heaven, right Mrs Baxter?"
"Oh, how I wish he was Bobby..."

THE TWIST. It turns out little Timmy had dropped out of Sunday school! And now his decision has caused him to be sent to hell forever (Italics are Jack's).

"Don't make the mistake of believing that good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell...That’s a lie Straight from the devil!"

Then there is the standard Chick montage of images, Jesus on the cross, heaven, hell, judgement, confused expression on sinner's face as he sees THE LIGHT.
Then one panel of Bobby repenting and a panel of a happy shining Bobby exclaiming: "I feel so safe! I KNOW I'll go to heaven when I die! I'll never forget THIS Halloween!" The last panel radiates the kind of creepy smugness that Chick comics do so well. Bobby may have been a GOOD kid but being GOOD isn’t what gets you into HEAVEN. TOUGH break BOBBY, I've got MY salvation in the bag!

All in all a recommended Halloween read, http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0032/0032_01.asp

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