From their website:

It is said that what one generation allows in moderation, the next will practice in excess.

How true that statement is. Too many gutless Christians have sat back and said nothing and we are reaping the result. Preachers do not want to offend the average pew sitter and will not tell the congregation what is happening! They are too worried about their pay checks, and are afraid of the deacons or elders. There are some who are some so bound up by the devil, that they will not step on Satan's toes!! I once had a preacher tell me that people don't need to be scared! What a shame. You need to know who you enemy is and how he operates.

This site is a fundamentalist, evangelical laundry list of "anti-christian" people, places, ideas, and things. Among those topics singled out:

At least someone confirmed the evils of Pokemon:

Another clever scheme to seduce children in to occult thinking is Pokemon. It is laced with eastern mysticism. Buddhist Mysticism, Hinduism, meditation rituals, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Book of Tao, the Analects of Confucius, the Gita, the I Ching, and The Tibetan Book of the Dead are some of the teachings that influence the game. It is all wrapped up in cute little characters to teach children Witchcraft and Satanism.

And don't forget Harry Potter:

Some teachers are reading these books to their classes. They are pagans using the school system to spread their agenda. Your tax dollars are being used to promote Witchcraft and no one is coming against it. Now read a bible or mention Jesus in school and your locked up.

If I were unkind, I'd mention that the author failed to capitalize "Bible" above....

As a moderate-to-liberal Christian, I always find sites and literature like this unsettling, offensive and embarassing. The authors would likely say that my discomfort is because I'm feeling guilty due to my hypocrisy. How do you respond to fundamentalism when you share the same religion?

nodeshell rescued

I will quote in italics and retort in block quotes. This is from the section on Taoism. I will first start with the end:

As you can see, Taoism is contrary to the bible. It is also the main theme of the new age movement in which many celebrities have promoted.

This is about as in-depth as his debunking of Taoism gets. "As you can see," as if it was plainly obvious that his ideas are correct. Frankly, I say, "See what?" From other perspectives, Taoism can be seen as a way to achieve the goals of Christianity. I will elaborate on this more as the writer talks more about the ways of Taoism.

The goal of life for a Taoist is to cultivate a mystical relationship to the Tao.

Substitue Taoist with Christian and Tao with Jesus and you've got Christianity. Why can't the Tao be a representation of the Christian spiritual being?

Adherents therefore avoid dispersing their energies through the pursuit of wealth, power, or knowledge.

Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge. Sounds like the Taoists are on the right track here. Jesus lived a life of poverty and was declined earthly thrones that he was offered.

By shunning every earthly distraction, the Taoist is able to concentrate on life itself.

Distractions like wealth, power and knowledge? Good, let's concentrate on the act living like a Christian ought to (but wait, we're Taoists right?).

The longer the adherent's life, the more saintly the person is presumed to have become. Eventually the hope is to become immortal.

Isn't the Christian seeking "everlasting life" (a phrase uttered regularly in prayer and the Eucharist)? We all want to go to heaven.

All types of Taoism have in common the quest for a harmonious, well-ordered universe.

This is the life of a Christian servant if I ever heard one. Do you think those brothers at the monestary don't have a well-ordered regiment of prayer and work every day?

They emphasize the individual's and the group's need for unity through mysticism, magic, and ceremony.

Again, he seems to forget the ceremonies of Eucharist, Baptism, etc. As for magic and mysticism, we are drinking wine and eating bread which are supposed to represent the blood and body of Christ. Some Christians even believe the wine and bread truly do turn to blood and body in believers (the dilemma surrouding transubstantiation and consubstantiation addressed this issue). The is certainly mystical and magical. Again I see a fusion where the author of this sees a void.

What a shame that people fall for this garbage.

Right back at you, my friend. Even if it opposes the ideas of Christianity, doesn't seem like such an evil, satanic practice to me. Remember that God loves everyone, and I think that Taoists who adhere to these tenants are not far from successfully achieving his favor. Certainly more than a person who violates the "love your neighbor as yourself" commandment like this author.

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