Christianity is simple; it's meant to be accessible to everyone, regardless of era or culture. Joining the club is easy; being a member is hard - it's a life's work, and no one ever gets it perfect. If someone has "done a bad deed", it's not the religion's fault: it's the person's fault (see religion and violence). A true Christian is someone who has accepted the salvation offered by Christ via his death as the sacrificial lamb for our sins; messing up != returning the Gift, though one's Christian life, or lack thereof, may consist of returning it (the old "faith + good works = salvation" equation).

It has been brought to our attention that
this species may be difficult to spot
in the wild.

This is how you will know them:

First, by the water
(which may be in a clay jar or
a silver cup or
a wooden bowl or
a cement pool or
a slow and muddy river).

Second, by the bread.
(There is always bread.)

And lastly by this bent and rusted nail
they carry with them
which seems to have gotten blood on it
and which
they seem to care about
a great

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