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Observations of Public Behavior: The U-Turn Guy

This happened about five years ago. The road I walk home on is almost straight, and usually it's a busy one. But right now, at this time, a Saturday afternoon, there is very little traffic somehow. Casually I try to ignore the guy in a Ford Mustang that cruises alone on the street, into the opposite direction. I need to mention that this type of pre-oil crisis American muscle car is very rare in Germany. This man is just looking for attention, I say to myself. And I'm still surprised at what he does next: He makes a slow u-turn and drives by me again, this time in my direction. I chuckle.

Just a minute later, I see the Mustang once more. The driver has stopped right on the middle of the lane. He's talking to a woman on the sidewalk. She has a toddler on her hand. Judging by her clothes and accent, she seems to be working class. My first guess of course is that the driver knows the woman. But then I get closer, and understand what the two are saying. The guy is leaning out of his car like they do in the movies, but his voice sounds surprisingly defensive: "Why would you ask why I'm driving this way, and then this way? Why shouldn't I do that?" The woman responds: "Sure, if ya ain't got nuttin' else to do!"

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