The Urge is a band from St. Louis. It began in 1987 when vocalist Steve Ewing and bassist Karl Grable starting playing together. With their album Master of Styles the band gained national popularity. The band has toured non-stop gaining fans with their unique blend of ultra aggresive, metal, punk, reggae, funk, and ska.


Current Members

  • vocalist - Steve Ewing
  • bassist - Karl Grable
  • trombonist - Matt Kwiatkowski
  • saxophonist - Bill Reiter
  • guitarist - Jerry Jost
  • drummer - John Pessoni

My personal experience with The Urge began when I heard their song "Jump Right In" on the radio. I really liked it. Then they released "Closer", and I had to buy the CD. That fall my sister was home from college for the weekend. She asked me "Have you ever heard of The Urge, they're going to be playing at September Jam in Hays." I was stunned, "The Urge, I love The Urge. I have their CD. Are they really playing in Hays? No way!" So I rounded up my roommate and we made the four hour trek to Hays. It was an awesome concert. After the concert I came back to spend some quality time with my sister, she was one of the organizers for the event. The Urge's tour bus was parked behind the stage, and their guitarist was outside smoking a cigarette. My sister and I talked to him for a little bit. For Halloween, The Urge came to Lawrence. My roommate and I had to go because they were just so awesome the first time. Yet again it was another amazing concert. Unfortunately, I missed them when they came to Lawrence again for Day on the Hill.

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