We have all (or at least all of us who have seen the Matrix anyway, which for all intents and purposes should be everyone) heard and cowered in awe of the phrase, "There is no spoon." The philosophical and societal implications from this statement alone are enough to tie up the adolescent mind indefinitely, in a sort of Biological Illegal Page Fault. Perhaps it is time to look at one of the lesser explored ideas which this phrase brings to light... "There is no YOU."

If it is true that there is no spoon, then by a series of extrapolations you can come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing at all. Somewhere in that process however, we must come to the most startling realization of all - we do not exist. "How can this be?" you ask as your mind implodes. Don't ask me - I don't exist either.

How can all of this stuff that makes up a cognizant, moral being such as myself be non-existent? Is it possible that I hold the same cosmic significance as any inanimate substance? Sure, it's a possibility, but does it make any difference either way?

Probably not, and you may be saying to yourself, "Hey, this is nothing new.. This is crap, everyone thinks about this sooner or later.." Perhaps everyone on E2 has contemplated this issue at one time or another, but consider the poor souls who are glued to the electronic nipple of the marketing industry (T.V.) right now watching some horrific sitcom. Most have never considered the possibility of something deeper (other than their limited excursions to modern religious exercises on Sunday mornings) existing, let alone the possibility that they may not exist themselves.

It is a strong personal belief that before a conscious being can understand itself fully it must first realize the possibility that it may very well be worthless. Of course, dwelling on the matter generally causes the producers of certain antidepressant medications to get very wealthy - so moderation is key.

In any case - when you go to bed tonight, think to yourself, "What do I do that I am PROUD of?"

If nothing comes to mind - it really doesn't matter whether you exist or not. Do something with this "life" that you've been given, and make sure it makes YOU happy. Don't concern yourself with your appearance to others because in the long run........ There is nothing at all.

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