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"The Whistling Song" by the Meat Puppets.

Appears on their album Meat Puppets II,
Track 12, 2:57.

Now, this is what I call music. I never sing along to music in the car on general principles, but I've found myself whisling along to this several times. I also quite like the description of the heart...

This song's pace could be described as plodding, in a good way. It's the kind of music you want to be listening to when you drive past a speed trap, as it causes you to go more slowly than you might otherwise. Why, just today, I was surprised to find I was going about five under and whistling all the while. Of course, it was a beautiful day, the road was empty, and, quite frankly, life moves too quickly sometimes, so I didn't feel a need to speed up. Music like this can soothe the soul.

it's the shadow in the dark
it's the silver in the park
it's the broken, faded bird
you've learned to call your heart

it's not a border you can see
plainer than you or me
I won't pull the lock back
and I don't have the key

*extremely catchy whistling*

it hovers in the living room
just above the door
it whistles while it hangs there
feathers drip from every pore
it shows the spectacle of falling
and settles to the floor
it shows the spectacle of falling
and settles to the floor

*more of that fun whistling business*

This transcription began as what is listed in the liner notes to the re-release CD, but as I listened to the song to check for correctness, I noted a few areas where the words sung in the recording differ from those written in the lyrics. This version here reflects these differences, favoring the CD over the printed lyrics.

Words and music copyright Curt Kirkwood.

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