"The Whole Truth" is the 14th episode of the second season of The Twilight Zone. It starred Jack Carson as used car salesman Harvey Hunnicut and featured Arte Johnson as his assistant Irving. It was broadcast on January 20th, 1961, and makes reference to the inauguration of John F. Kennedy.

Based on the episode title and the establishing shot in a used car lot, the premise of this episode is pretty easy to guess. Harvey Hunnicut, a gladhanding, back slapping used car salesman buys a haunted car that has the property that whoever owns it must tell nothing but the truth. This understandably puts a dent in both the business and personal life of the gaudy wheeler dealer Hunnicut. The episode concludes with a twist that seems a bit forced, as Hunnicut manages to unload the honesty-producing automobile on a certain world leader who will now be unable to lie.

Much like "A Most Unusual Camera", this episode takes a gimmick and runs with it. There is nothing deep or moving about the character of Hunnicut, but Carson takes the role and chews the scenery with it. It appears that during the second season, The Twilight Zone started hitting its stride as a comedy, with many of the best episodes being comedic in nature.

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