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she sings and moans she moves in waves she moves over frozen snow,

she howls she whips up mists from snow she froze.


she howls over frozen snow songs she sings are wild at the poles she waits and dances, 

a shriek a roar flows out along with streaming twists of light from stars


she moans she softly cries she croons, until she screams she screams her song all who listen hear it

between the night and the snow;

she mixes the night with the snow,

she calms she stills her rage to rage again


she storms she makes her clouds, in one sky, here,

so that another sky may clear

by gentle breeze or hurricane she flies unseen

by land by sea she flies unseen


she rests and breathes in jungle steams, she rests and breathes in snowy mountain peaks she froze

all that lives she sees

in valleys green she whirls, in plains she sometimes gently strokes her earth,

by light by dark she brings the rain


alone but not alone she sings and works and waits she waits and moves and tends her earth

she longs to touch her silent moon she longs to feel the sun.


she moves she waits she tends her earth between all things  

alone but not alone, she sings.



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