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The Winds of Eremor is one of the Neverwinter Nights modules created by the folks at Bioware along with To Heir is Human and The Dark Ranger's Treasure. Like those two, its an amusing little diversion that revolves around the tried and true "see a town with a problem, find a conviently placed dungeon,enter the dungeon and kill the boss who happened to be behind the whole problem, and return for richely deserved reward" formula.

The plot is an excuse to slay some zombies, but it involved an island under seige by an undead pirate king. Being the hero that you are, you decide to step in and save the island from certain destruction.

Unlike The Dark Ranger's Treasure, Eremor is very difficult. It lacks any shops or henchmen, so trying to solo it will probably result in certain death (at least, thats what its always done for me). Its filled with undead as well, so rogues should tread carefully.

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