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Laura was 27, and she was a practical woman. She knew about the hurdles she would encounter. She knew beforehand. She was tough - slim but tough. She knew how to play weak if she needed to. And she needed to. Her child was not a burden to her, she told herself. But what if it looked like one? The two year old girl with the trusting eyes would never see this as a betrayal.

Laura needed a man. It was the one thing she felt helpless about. Laura was a practical woman, but she needed a man.

She would stand down at the stairs with the baby stroller. Laura was slim but tough; she could carry that stroller on her own. But what if it looked like she couldn't? She knew how to play weak.

Laura was a practical woman; it was winter, and Laura knew what that meant. Her lack of curves would not be an issue under her elegant coat. The cold air would give her face a soft redness and a youthful glow. Her black hair would be pulled back, but not too tightly. A few strands would charmingly dance around her face. It was winter, and competition would be minimal in public transport during the day.

She would wait for a man to help her carry the stroller up the stairs. Laura was a practical woman - she wasn't full of illusions. She knew beforehand; it probably wouldn't be the first. She would most probably wait at the top of the stairs again, until a man helped her carry the stroller down. And up. And down again. Laura was a practical woman, and she knew it would take some turns.

Iron Noder Challenge 2017

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