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The World's End is a large pub in Camden, London. It is situated very close to Camden Town tube station, on the Northern Line and as such makes a good meeting place for people coming to spend time in the area. The World's End lies on the same sight that used to be occupied by the Mother Red Cap, which was one of the few buildings around back in the late 18th century when Earl Camden began developing the area.

The pub is interesting to drink in because it covers a large area across various levels. You can go down a half set of stairs to find a quieter area or up to see if you can get a seat on the platform that overlooks the main bars. Rumour has it that there are no real seats up there and the whole scene is merely a looping section of film projected onto a screen, so good luck if you try it.

Sadly, drinks come at your normal London prices, but the venue's large capacity helps it to avoid feeling too crowded even on a Friday night, so that makes up for it. It's busy enough for a lively atmosphere, but you don't end up apologising to people just because you find yourself squashed against them. As if you need any more reason to visit the place it's also handily close to the entrance to the Underworld.

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