In the 1980s, kids went crazy for cute made-up critters with funny names such as the Care Bears, The Smurfs, My Little Pony and many others. Disney, at the suggestion of new CEO, Michael Eisner, created one of their own, "The Wuzzles"!
What's a Wuzzle, you ask?
Its two different species of animal mixed together, crazy as it sounds that's what they were!
The animated series premired on CBS in 1985. Hasbro also made a line of plush toys.
The Wuzzles was not as successful as another similar show made around the same time, The Gummi Bears. Some say, another reason it was short lived may be to due to the death of Bill Scott who provided the voice of Moosel, strangely Gummi Bears, which Scott also provided some voices for, continued with different actors filling his roles. The show's 13 episodes were later shown in reruns on The Disney Channel for years!

the main characters and their species combinations

*Bumblelion: Bumblebee/Lion
*Butterbear: Butterfly/Bear
*Eleroo: Elephant/Kangaroo
*Moosel: Moose/Harp seal
*Hoppopotamus: Rabbit/Hippopotamus
*Rhinokey: rhinoceros/monkey
In addition to these guys there was a cynical narrator (Stan Freberg) and the villain, Croc (short for Crocasaurous, part Crocodile part dinosaur) and his henchbeings, Brat (boar/rat) and Flizard (frog/lizard).

Some of the other Wuzzles include:

Tycoon tiger/raccoon, appears in a few episodes, but the other Wuzzles on this list only appeared in books based on the series, as part of the toy line, or the series was cancelled before they could make an appearance and they are:
Piggypine (pig/porcupine)
Koalakeet (koala/parakeet)
Pandeaver (panda/beaver)
Woolrus (sheep/walrus)
Skowl (skunk/owl)

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