You move with no effort.

There is no separation between you and the keyboard. There is no division between you and your mouse. There is no schism between the screen and your eyeball. You are not holding a rocket launcher, you ARE the rocket launcher.

You do not move without thought; your thought is the only movement.

Your will is all that is necessary to slay your opponent, your mental force all that dodges rockets, your thought all that matters; for your thought is the game.

Your thought and your action are one.

The map is as a child's plaything; you know it, you possess it, you ARE it. The map is your universe, and you are the map. The others do not exist but as mere players.

You cannot die; you cannot be touched. You cannot be slain, for you are that which is unhittable. The rocket launcher is your arm, and you are it- your command is the rocket.

You have achieved the Zen of Deathmatch.

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