There is a place in New South Wales, Australia, called Ginger's Creek. It has a very small population and is known mainly for a small shop which keeps a cockatoo and a few deers. It is possibly the apostrophe misuse capital of the world.

As you pull up at the petrol pump, you are welcomed with a sign which says: "No EFTPOS' available, cash only". A few steps later, an ashtray adorned with "Butt's please" continues the apostrophe massacre.

The toilets inside are labelled "Ladie's" and "Mens'". (Apparently the author couldn't decide on a misuse policy so tried them all.)

Other examples: "Deer horn's for sale", "Sandwiche's" and "All posters' for sale in the shop".

These aren't isolated examples. Ginger's Creek is a mess, apostrophe wise. Or should that be "Ginger's' Creek is a mes's"? Grrr.

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