The claw of interjection has fallen, take heed!
Bated breath, full of erudition, waits its turn
Impatiently; eyes narrowed, rising in annoyance
As the comment, brilliant, which could have shaped the futures of
You and Your Children
Dies silently, on the lips.

His intended recipient, pulled about by the demands of
Friendship; leans over to listen to someone
Much less informed and brilliant than him.
I watch as Erudition itself stoops
To check out her ass.

Later that night, beers are gone and energy sapped,
Theories of Morgan Freeman and Dove commercials swapped,
Enthusiastically on either side of a
Sullen host.
He thrusts, she parries
They cajole, share and reflect
And finally he walks home in the cold, exhilirated, but quizzical.

Not understanding why, despite his analyses of the
Battle of San Jacinto,
Parliamentary Law,
Quantum Theory,
and Smurfs.

She is going to bed with me, tonight.

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