There are those of us who like to believe that there is a code among men, an unspoken but undeniable set of rules that must be respected by all those in posession of a Y-chromosome. These rules have no name, nowhere are they written in stone; but every man should know, instinctively, what lies within their immutable girth. These rules stem from a man's deepest feelings of what is right and just, what is fair and unfair.

"What's more chicken-shit that fuckin' with a man's automobile? I mean don't fuck with another man's vehicle, it's just against the rules" - Vincent Vega

These rules maintain moral order within men, they teach us how to treat each other with dignity and respect. They teach us to never fight (be it literally or figuratively) with an advantage; to never hit a woman; to never forsake someone in need; to never steal, cheat or lie; to never hit a man in the crotch; to never destroy something that is loved by another; and so many other things that should need no spelling out.

"Someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the fight is over" - Tyler Durden

Those of us who understand and obey these unwritten rules should not revel in any feelings of moral superiority; for to follow these rules should be a given, an axiom of sorts, that should be the neutral state for all men. From the earliest of ages, the rules should be deeply embedded in a man's (or boy's) mind as thoroughly as his own existence, and so it is the duty of fathers everywhere to ensure that their sons know and follow the rules, for as long as they are boys. A boy who has been taught the rules properly will not forget them, he will not grow out of them.

There are, of course, those who either do not know of, understand or respect the rules. Those who do not know of them are to be educated, and those who do not understand them are to be enlightened. It is the duty of men to perform these tasks, so that all can benefit from their effects. Those who do not respect the rules, despite knowledge and understanding of them, are to be pitied, for they are deplorable men indeed. Those who would willingly disobey the rules are to be given no benefit from the rules, they have forfeited that right; they don't deserve to be within the rules' good graces.

"That's the rules for someone who understands the rules, which Bank don't, because he already broke 'em, so he don't get the chance" - Basher

Unfotunately, the rules seem to be slowly fading from our culture. Modern society teaches us to be selfish, to "look out for number one". This means that the actions of those men who uphold the rules are unrequited; the benefits of the rules that they afford others are not given in return, thus actively discouraging the employment of the rules. This is a sad thing, as for many years the rules have kept men everywhere in order, kept them from falling into chaos. I don't know how this situation can be helped, beyond those men who uphold the rules continuing to do so with vigilance, in the hopes that others will follow.

Is there a code among women? I can only imagine that there must be.

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