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You know what happens when you burn plastic, kid?

Let me tell you about the day we burned plastic. It was back in '92, back when there was still dogs in this town, and no internet, and warm summer days with Watermelon. Notice how it snows in July now?

As I said, it was back when the crick ran through the center of town and the birds frolicked in the pool, and Old Man Morse sold ice cream out of a cart on Main Street. Well we've got plenty of ice now, eh? Put Old Man Morse right out of business.

Now as I said, it was back when the school had fifty whole rooms, and the students put on a Thanksgiving pageant every year. Well what do we have to give thanks for now, eh? Don't say family.Don't mention family.

Anyway it was back when I had molars.

Look around you, kid. See how flat this place is? We used to have hills!

But we burned plastic once and Kablooey.

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