Remember when you were a kid, and you used to watch those nifty-keen science fiction shows on your TV? I used to watch anything that even suggested outer space. Silly shows, like Space: 1999 and UFO (OK, I'm an old fart).

Even looking at the original Terminator movie, everything is supposed to go kablooey in the late 1990s.

Well, the time has since passed. There is no cool moonbase like on Space: 1999. The kewl cars from UFO are nowhere to be seen. It's sort of a sad moment when you look at the past and see the years where these advancements should have happened, but didn't. I remember just bursting with energy as a kid, trying to make the time go faster so I could see the wonders to come first-hand.

It may seem a bit depressing at first. It's like waiting for a new toy at Christmas, but getting new underwear instead. All those years of hope and hurry dissolved into the everyday droning of life continuing on. New ideas develop, new movies give hints of what may come. You can look at the faces of children, and you'll see that same expectant look you used to have, as if a moonbase will appear magically at the appointed year. For those of us who have arrived at the days of wonder, all we have to offer is the same hope for our children.

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