First you need to understand that there is a difference between art and design.

Design can be considered a form of art, but is probably the most widely used and important form of visual art there is. Design is making stuff look good. Making a good design is a very serious thing. It can be realistic or abstract. It can be simple or complex. In the end though it has to have an effect on the viewer. A sign of of a good designer is that he can cause the viewer to feel what he wants them to feel. Design is used in advertising and web page interfaces and silverware. Design is everywhere. In general one design is always agreeably better than another.

Art is the whole of all visual creations. A man throws paint on a canvas and calls it art. This sort of art aggravates me, but that's how it is and I can't do anything about it. Art can be realistic or abstract. Art is done on a canvas or a paper. Art is made for people to like it. Some art is done to convey a feeling, some is not. Some is abstract some is not. There are many problems with art. One is that it is often hard to agree on what is good art and what is bad. Another problem with art is that is has no defintion. If you stab and apple with a fork and call it art, is it art? Well it is not a design anyway, whether it is art or not I don't care. Some artwork is worthy of the title "art", much of it is not.

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