"I hate to admit it, because I think being gay and lesbian is an abomination, but they have the same rights we do."
-Ron Edwards, Imperial Wizard of the Imperial Klans of America

Governor William J. Janklow of South Dakota, in August 2001, earned the dubious distinction of being criticized from the left by the Ku Klux Klan.

This stems from Janklow announcing that he would pull down the "Adopt a Highway" signs because the Sioux Empire Gay and Lesbian Coalition decided to enroll in the program. This spooked the state, which figured that other extremist groups, such as the KKK, would be next. So to be fair, and avoid using state funds to propagandize, the state pulled all the signs down.

This sparked an odd alliance of Klansmen and homosexuals, which sparked the above quote.

Janklow is no stranger to mind-boggling controversy. Janklow also holds the dubious distinction of being the only Jewish governor criticized for anti-Semitism.

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