I sat in a computer lab at the college here the other day, in my own happy world of PHP programming when a girl I know a little bit came in.

"Hullo!" I said, she smiled and nodded as in "Nice to see you!" (She's the girl in Girls don't take interest in me except when I show them nifty Unix stuff)

As she walked by, she tickled my neck in a playful, gentle way.

I sat in Deep Hack Mode, trying to concentrate on my project, but was kind of confused by the tickle. Now, I'm not a person used to being touched or tickled, certainly not by an attractive girl, and even less used to talk about incidents like that.

I went home and decided to get an answer to the question "Why did you tickle me?". As far as I know, she's got a boyfriend, so why touch me that way?

Being the geek I am, I sent a Short Message:

Me -> Heidi -- 18:35:
Hi there! Just wanted to say "Have a nice weekend :-)" By the way -- did you tickle my neck earlier today...?

Notice the gentle way of introducing the subject ;-) Just making sure she really did it!

Heidi ->, me -- 18:37:
Yes... did it hurt?

Hmmm... okay, she did it on purpose.

Me -> Heidi -- 18:40
No no! I enjoyed it. Just felt a little strange though. With a little practice, I might even get used to it ;-)

Heidi -> me -- 19:42
Hehehe... Good thing you could get used to it. I think it's wonderful...! Have a nice evening! Hugs

Errr... is this just another one of (what I think is) is your games?

If you really have a boyfriend, why touch me that way? That's flirting, isn't it?

I need a girlfriend!


I'm doing a little bit of military service right now and haven't been able to node for a while. Well, here's the deal:

Heidi is, as far as I know, still seeing this other guy. Daniel or something. We have a little contact now and then, but I guess I'll never really see her again.

This is a reply to a couple of questions about Heidi and this node.

Thanks... :-)

Yeah, yeah, reply nodes suck, etc.

From personal experience and the experience of friends, might I suggest that it isn't necessarily what you think. There are a few other things that might be going on here.

She's just being affectionate in what is, to her, a platonic manner.

Some people are touchy-feely by nature. It isn't necessarily flirting -- she's just demonstrating that you are meaningful to her in some way, ranging from unixy to otherwise. Enjoy it. Being touched is good stuff.

She's being flirtatious because it's a component of her personality.

Some people are flirtatious all the time. They have no intent to do anything more, which is why her having a boyfriend is no problem. They'll flirt with close friends, or people they know, or everyone. It's a part of her personality, and you'll be able to read it better the more you see her.

She's being an evil flirt in order to tease you. In other words, it might be a game.

She sees you as a male chew toy, probably because she figures you'll never do anything in response. Some people like to have a chew toy. If you don't want to be a chew toy, then don't be a doormat.

She's about to break up with the aforementioned boyfriend.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Problems ranging from vicious ex-boyfriends to being Mr. Rebound may well exist. This is the least likely possibility in my eyes.

In Any Case...

Talk to her. Why are you asking us, when the person who knows is right there?

I'm sure I've missed a possibility or two, or been too general in the eyes of others here. My apologies.

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