Somewhere in our society, it became a stereotype that women always fall in love with the pianist. Usually this involves the playing of some emotion-wrenching piece of music, resulting in either crying or swooning on the part of the females. Commonly, the subject will slowly approach the pianist from behind or the side, and submit herself (and her body) to his will.

While this would be a really neat thing, it's just not true. I mean...really. Say, for instance, that you're a geek. Or, more specifically, say you're me. In this case, whether you play the piano or not, it doesn't really matter. The slick pianist shown in movies, tv, and books, is just...wrong. Most talented pianists are geek-nerds. Slightly socially inept, perhaps a little psychotic. Eccentrics with a touch of insanity. To put it simply, most of them are fucking crazy (myself not excluded).

Still, I think it's true that music can bring out the more "sensitive" sides of the male. It is one of the most emotional experiences to channel music, but to think that there is some mystical ingredient in the the keys that will automatically make the girls melt, is just...a very cool idea, but still an impossible one.

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