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The faith of one man sings a silent melody alone. It is a song of weeping willows flowing in the wind and the cobblestones singing backup. Pay no matter toward the tone deaf mariner, the course of the vessel is inevitable. Stay course because it is the only choice.

How often the teeth grind in an vigorous assault againt the other. Nubs of calcium wearing down in futile attempt to resolve memory. Don't fret when the nerves are exposed. Rather, grind with great dicipline to continue on. Let the billows of tear duct wallow, it is only mere nature to feel this way. Let it go with the grief that maims the soul with piercing sorrow. Go on faith, keep hope with you.

Do not express a melancholy void of dejected, woeful spirit. Stand strong with wonder and enlightenment, shedding bits of mote dust onto your fellow with desire and love. Embrace those you love for they might soon be mere glimpses of support. Give them, and yourself, respect then love.

When your legs are heavy from supporting such weight, sit down and rest. Reflect, regain composure and strength. Take the time of the taoist and watch history become. Get up when you can and use your friends to support you. Do not give up.

The faith of one man must not reside in the coddling comforts of religion or politics. This faith must be within and among the man; radiating a serious inquiry toward the truth. When the faith dwindles and forgotten in the roar of money and technology, the soul is left like an empty shell. BE FULL.

I must inform you that such a soul of faith is doomed. Facing the end, the soul of faith must assume the worst, swallow hard and take the hit. It will not be easy, it will not take long, it will take all your heart.

Don't give up. It will become your will.

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