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Ok so this morning there was alarming news. A gorilla escaped from the Los Angeles Zoo!!! The zoo was evacuated of families and school field trip children - some still clutching their maps of the park. I was frozen with fear as I watched the news beaming to me from helecopters (or "whirlybirds") hovering overhead.

"Get those helecopters out of there!!!" I thought, "that gorilla is going to get crazed with fright and confusion and go on a rampage!!!" I felt a wet spot on my leg and sure enough my quivering hand had spilled coffee from my favorite cup. I had to do something.

I grabbed the phone to call my husband when suddenly my fear turned to incredulosity. There in plain view was a zookeeper trying to lure the gorilla useing BANANAS.

You would think in this day and age specieal stereotyping would be a thing of the past. Why not just wear a big yellow hat next time Mr. Zookeeper??? I know, lets get Clint Eastwood to drive that big monkey around in a big rig for two hours? Or better yet, why not just let the ape climb a big building and carry pretty ladies around and bat at airplanes for a while? Bananas. huh

Oh yeah so they shot the gorilla with a tranquilizer dart and put it back into the habitat and pruned the tree it used to climb out. The End

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