Well, every night, I crawl out from under the fridge to see what crumbs and scraps the big animals have left on the floor. I spend a few hours scurrying about, keeping close to the walls, so if a light were to suddenly come on, I am at least partially hidden. From time to time I find a few scraps, or some crap the cats have left in their bowls, but for the most part I just eat dust and dirt.

I'm a simple bug. I have no issues with other bugs, and just go about my business without any fuss or bother. But I do have dreams, oh yes, I have desires and needs just like any of God's other minions.

For one thing, I'd like to be able to fly. I can scurry pretty fast, and can walk straight up walls. Sometimes I climb up pretty high and then just let go. I wave my legs about seeing if I can stay up, but I always land back on the hard, cold ground again. I chatted with a fly one time and learnt what fun they have. Without a care in the world, they flit about and crap on everything. I'd especially like to do what one mosquito told me was her favourite pastime: she buzzes about in the dark, seeing how close she can buzz in the ear of one of the big people. They thrash around, but you just keep a safe distance until they've stopped, then you buzz in their ear again. That'd be great!

Another thing I'd like to do is eat something other than shit all the time. As a grub, I gnawed my way through wood and bark, until one day I turned into the bug I am today. Just for once I'd like a taste of rotting flesh. Yeah, those flies have it good: a dead rat here, a pile of dog shit there - man they've got it made.

Anyways, I'll keep scurrying around until my time is up. Perhaps by then my 300 or so kids will be old enough to understand what I'm on about. Maybe one of them will be a freak of nature and have developed wings. Hell, for a bug whose species has been around for about 30 million years, I doubt that, but you never can tell.

Hey, what's that hissing sound? Do you hear hissing? Hey, it's raining wee droplets on me. It smells sort of lemony too, and... oh shit, it burns, the flesh it burns... I can't see... I feel a strange desire to lie on my back and kick my legs about... yes, yes that's what I'll do... if I kick, the pain may stop... aaaargh...

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